Why does Sky textures look so weird and artificial compared to an hdri? how to make it more real?

im doing a scene where the hdri i found looked perfect in every way, except that it didnt cover the horizon. the Sky texture covers the horizon, but looks so fake i dont want to use it.

its an outdoor scene.

Usually people use fog or mist at the horizon to cover the sharp line between sky and ground. Some simple volumetrics might help

You can always just lower it a bit with vector placement.

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i tried. doesnt seem to work.

could you point me to a tutorial from someone good?

I’m not sure, you could try this one:

You don’t typically notice it, but there is almost always some type of cloud or vapor in the sky, even on a “clear, sunny” day. You see it most clearly near sunrise or sunset when the path of the sun’s rays is lowest.

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