Why does text fade to world colour (grey) if using object colour animation?

hi just have been encountering this problem multiple times, i tried changing the text to mesh, extruding it out. redoing normals etc. but it still fades out grey. Is this a bug? how do you fix it?

This sounds more like a modelling problem rather than a BGE problem.

What do you mean with “fades out grey”? Please post a picture (or two ;))

the “+10” is meant to move and fade out to invisible.

The KX_FontObject (or Text Object in Blender) is rendered shade-less with object color ignoring whatever material settings you apply.

The KX_GameObject (with a Mesh) is rendered shaded and textured with the object color which gets superseded or mixed by the material. As it is shaded the light has influence on it’s appearance.

I suggest you apply a material. If you want it shade-less as the Font Object you can enable the “shadeless” checkbox in the material settings.

For animation have a look at this tutorial: Fading and Transparency for all Shading modes

An alternative is the “Add” mode (rather then opaque or alpha xxx) as far as I remember you need at least a texture.

Ok thanks, alpha sort seemed to solve the problem. Thanks for the help!