Why does the hair grow on the wrong side?

Hi. I am new to blender and I am currently taking lessons from the youtube channel Blender Guru.

At 8:21 he activated the Particle Settings, where hair should come out of the donut. I did the same but unfortunately, it does not come out on top of the icing but rather at the bottom. The point of his lesson was that he convert those hairs into sprinkles and should appear on top of the icing. I followed the instructions but the icing came out at the bottom of the icing instead.

I am using Blender 2.92. It’s driving me crazy. Please help! Thanks.


Check “Face Orientation” and normal direction. It could be your donut /icing is inside-out.

Blender 2.92 is weird. It has no “face orientation” at all. Is there any other way? It looks like this.

But it should look like this:

Hope you guys could see this. Thanks.

Hi, you need to move the particle system modifier to the top in the modifiers, like this. But I can’t tell what is the exact reason for it. I’m also new to this as you. Good luck

Screenshot (24)_LI

Hi there. IT WORKS! Thank you very much!

Face orientation is manually determinable by normal direction. Or you can use the Face Orientation feature in the Overlay dropdown:

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Hi, I had the same problem and I tried your solution but it did not work… Please help…

Hello, What is the issue? did you try @Jeric_Synergy 's solution?
If you can, upload an image or blender file

Hi, I didn’t try his solution. I decided to redo the object so everything is fine now. Thanks though!

Hey, I red the answers and as someone said, you can move the particles modifier before the solidify one. But to look like in the tutorial, I think you shoud just apply the Solidify, then hair will go under and over the icing as it is shown in the video.

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I’m following this tutorial atm and you really helped me a lot. Thanks!