Why does the liquid go through my containers?

If some are looking at this post, and also noticing that my other post is right below it… Sorry. I have changed my project yet again. I blame my computer. It crashed while rendering and then went smokey like… It is fixed thanks to my friend and now… MY QUESTION! I have sme cups I want water to go in and then slosh out of as they fill with watery goodness. Unfortunately, the water does go in, but then decides it doesnt like that and goes THROUGH my obsticle (sorry about spelling) I read something somewhere about thickness of the liquid and the container, could someone please elaborate? I am going to expirement some more and if it doesnt work. I’ll post my blender file for people to look at.


I had/have a similar problem with my own project. See my previous post at
https://blenderartists.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=57641 for some help with this. I’ve sorta figured things out…that is, I can now make my fluid fall onto my object, but it would seem that I need to re-adjust things after animating the fluid. The problem is that the fluid falls partly through my object, but then reacts to it, like it is offset just a bit. I expect that this is due to the newness of the fluid simulator, just as booleans took a few versions to get right. The info contained in the referenced thread should help a little, but I’ll be damned if I know how the “breaking dam” simulation was done that is referred to in the documentation of the 2.4 build of Blender.

yeah that one was soo KICK @$$! I wish I could get my little paws on that file :smiley: I think somehow you can delay things, and maybe they keyed a container obsticle and then later in a frame deleted it? The the liquid inside went BOOM! I dunno… Thanks for the help, Ima going to go look at the thread now.