Why does the subsurf modifier make these awkward pointy vertices?

You can see here the edge is completely flat, however, once I add the subsurf modifier it gets these awful pointy spots that gotta go.

Do you maybe have more than one vertex at those locations?

No i checked theres only 1 vertice

Check the normals of the faces around it.

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You may have accidentally set hardness or crease value for those vertices. Blender’s default keymap is such a minefield that I would not be surprised if it was a random unintended keypress :slight_smile:

@pyronucleic Double check that those portions are actually connected. From the image on the right you can see that the verts look semi rectangle compared to the other verts that are not causing the issue. Select one of the verts in the trouble area and grab it and pull it away to see if the mesh separates. If so just merge the two verts alt+m and that should fix your issue.

Two verts in same location but not merged

Two verts after merging

I checked, theres one vertice only for each bump

@pyronucleic Can you post the blend file cause I see no reason behind why a subdivision surface modifier would do that unless there is a geometry issue. Without a blend file and no extra unconnected verts then it is all just a guess. So it would be helpful if there was a blend file to see what exactly is going on and to show directly what the fix is.

@pyronucleic I made a quick video showing what we are mentioning about it and it looks identical to the cropped image you are showing above. If you are just clicking to select a vert in solid mode it will not select the other that is behind it unless you are in wireframe mode.

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thanks this worked for me!