Why does this File crash when I click render image?

This is a file I got online for my students to learn about actions and the NLA editor. I use the same file and 15 other students had no problem. Two of my students have trouble when they try to render images. Crash immediately.



I can’t tell you why, but I can help narrow it down. When I ran the Windows 64-bit compilation of Blender 2.79b with the --debug-all flag, I also experienced a crash after rendering. I received the “Error: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION” crash message after hitting F12. When I rendered with the Windows 64-bit compilation of 2.78c, I did not receive a crash. Now, I was able to narrow it down in 2.79b to the compositor. When I disabled compositing in the Post Processing panel, it did not crash. I tried to eliminate specific causes within the compositing nodes, but I did not have success.

I’d ask your students which version of Blender they are running. That might help the diagnosis. If all else fails, have them download 2.78c.

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It crashes 2.80 too, even just trying to display the composite editor when loaded with the 2.7x UI. I loaded it into 2.80 with the “Load UI” option off, then went to the Compositing workspace, and created a replacement for each node in the comp then wired it in place of the original and deleted the original, including the layer input and the composite output, and now it seems to work without crashing, so you might try the same thing in 2.79b say.

I also got rid of the viewer node in the comp first but you might be able to recreate it as well.

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Download Msys and install Strace. The run with Blender w Strace. Or try it on Linux with Strace.

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Fixed! Thanks!

Thanks, This fixed us!

What ended up fixing your issue?