Why does this happen sometimes

Here when I move the text it will not be saved in the file. I move the text and save but it does not recognize the changes. WHen it renders it does not recognize that I move the text. renderwontwork.blend (696.1 KB)
I move the text and save the file then re-open the file it does not reflect changes. I hope to learn what I have done to create this problem.

As you can see I hove moved SUPPORT UP but the rendering does not show that

Looks like you have keyframed the position.

On upper left part of screenshot, I see you have keyframes added to support object. It will be on last keyframe location if you not delete them or not add new one, with new location.

Ahh Thank you !

Ok so I went to the dope sheet and I deleted all the keyframes yet when I move the slider my text will change size. How do I completely remove keyframes from a object ?