Why does this happen when I split verts on a subdivided plane?

So I’m trying to make a skirt, although it’s sort of like a denim skirt.
My issue is trying to make the part where you’d have a button and opening

I have subdivision modifier enabled, although I feel like the problem is that it’s because it’s not a solid geometry, or is it something else?

I tried what might’ve been wrong by adding solidify modifier but its still… poking out

what can I do to avoid this distortion? Or is this just how it’ll behave and no way around it?

a way better description on my reddit but because i can’t post all the images of my errors


That reddit post answers your question nicely.

Hi there!

Modelling does not always need to follow the logic of reality, but it’s almost always needed for a coherent solution.
If you want to model a skirt, check the sewing pattern of a real one. Seriously :grin:
These pant-like zippers are sewn under an overlapping piece of textile (hidden ones may not but these jeans-like yes). Check the pictures in this tutorial, or a similar one:

As you can see, the zippers are actually under an overlapping piece of textile, with a separately cut cover under that.

So what you can also do is to grab the top of the cut part and extrude it behind the first one. Add a very thin solidify modifier, optional, but may help realism, and create edge loops to stiffen the subdiv. The outside zip cover you may also solve beveling a vertex or sth like that.

If you even want to go further, you can actually wrap the textile around a simple mannequin shape like a modified cylinder. You can use a curve modifier for example. Then add clothes physics.

For a hidden zipper, you would actually need a cylinder with no cut, as the fabric is sewn all the way up together, cut not only at the zipper, it’s just merely added in there on the go:

This way, the subdiv will be literally no issue since the modelling follows the real cut of the garment. You can add the zipper below, then expose it a bit and stiffen the subdiv with edge loops.

For these cases I may apply subdiv then add a new one but would not mark anything sharp as it may hurt the evenness of the modelling.

It may be too much, but I just wanted to give you some ideas on the method of approaching the topic. I hope it helps :blush:

Happy holidays!

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