Why does this happens?

In my smoke simulation rendered with Cycles some “render tiles” have this ugly yellow color.

It always happen on different tiles means when i restart the image render, means it is technically supposed to work.

Blender 2.83, Denoising activated, 128 samples, nothing change when i put more / less.

I have the same simulation on another file and everything works well on this other file, so why does it happens ?

Thanks by advance if you have an idea

Upgrade your Blender to 2.93 which is the latest one

Disable the denoiser

Show your render here again. Also show a screenshot of your volume shader values network.

I tried opening the file in 2.93 and it just worked
It was initially a 2.83 sim using Khaos addon (khaos is not updated for 2.93 yet) but i presume I unintentionnally saved it in 2.93 and then bringing it back to 2.83 caused the bug. Thanks!