Why does this image display in my UV/Image Editor

I’ve been having this problem ever since I first started texture painting in Blender… when I go into edit mode it locks me to a particular image in the UV/Image Editor. This image is almost always NOT the image I want to be editing. Why does it do this? I have to hit the thumb tack to get to the image I need. Also, I have a couple of images that show up having multiple users… but I’m not using them anywhere (not even as a texture on the object). Is there any way to see what item is using these images?

Painting textures is one of the most complicated things in Blender mainly because I don’t understand how it works with the Image Editor (I’m always confused as to how to paint on the correct image). Someone should make a basic tutorial with all the pitfalls and what-not. Texture Painting has a ton of quirky little things to do in order to get it working.

Also… when I choose New Texture in Texture Paint and it creates a basic texture with a cloud fractal thingy… how do I modify this? Where does this texture live? How do I change that to an image map or something?

…and what is Face selection masking? It allows me to select faces… and then doesn’t mask anything!!! Even if I hide the unselected, it still paints on those faces. What good is that?

edit* I just realized that it starts working if you click outside the window and back in. :stuck_out_tongue:

Many if not most of the tutorial makers out there don’t know how it works either.

You probably know much of this but it’s difficult to explain in part and I’m posting for the lurkers and searchers as well. Some terminology and minor details may be wrong of course as usual 'cos Blender is a beast. Any corrections or more tips out there post them up please.

Faces get images mapped to them when they are selected and you pull up an image in the image editor. You can map multiple images to different faces on the object. If you go into face select mode and select a face on the model, the image in the image editor will switch to whatever image is mapped to that face or go blank if no image assigned.

This works differently when sync mode is enabled. Then all faces are mapped to whatever image you load, no matter what faces you have selected.

You can see this mapping in 3Dviewer multitexture view / texture mode. You can only see this mapping in a render if you apply a material and activate Material > Options > Face Textures (and no textures are loaded in the texture panels).

In 3Dview GLSL textured mode you only see textures loaded through the texture panels.

So anyway, this is why images sometimes won’t load… you have to have at least one face selected for it to map to. Or you’ll have an image loaded in viewer but it mysteriously switches on you when you select some faces on the object (or select object in paint mode? -I don’t remember). Anyway, it’s because that image you want has not been mapped to any faces but a different image has been.

Or why you can get an image up (by going into paint mode or however -I don’t remember) but it not show up on the object when you paint on the texture image -because that image isn’t mapped to any faces on the object.

Or why you can paint on the object but it not show up on the texture image -because the faces you are painting haven’t been mapped to that particular image. You don’t see anything happening because you are painting to nothing, a different image, or even multiple images at the same time, none of which are what you are looking at in the viewer.

Get into face select mode so you can see what images are mapped to what faces (it doesn’t work in vertex or edge mode). That is the main tip. That and edit mode selecting faces (or going sync mode) before you load up the image you want to work with so it gets mapped to those faces.

This edit mode mapping of selected faces (or all faces if in sync mode) to images, and not knowing to get into face select mode to see what is mapped to what, is the root of most complaints about the UV/Image editor being buggy. It is not buggy. Maybe quirky but not buggy. Spread the word. :slight_smile:

– Textures are loaded in texture panel. Look for brush icon at top of texture panel.

Hope this helps.


BTW in the latest Blender revision I just downloaded I’ve noticed a change… when you unwrap and load an image it won’t load into the viewer until you reselect a face on the model. I see more confusion ahead for many if it stays like that. EDIT: Or maybe not. Might have just been me… will have to test again later. :slight_smile:

AAaaaah, yeah, selecting faces does seem to have an effect. It’s very quirky for sure. The thing is… when it works… rather, when I figure out how to get it working, it’s great!

I guess maybe I should make this tutorial. :stuck_out_tongue: