Why doesn't the Ipo, NLA and Action editors work well together?

As always I’m one with many questions. My recent one is about the NLA and Action editors. I can see the usefullness of it up to a point. You can create blocks of animation and then make them happen when ever you want in the scene, as many times as you want it repeated etc and even combine actions.

But say you got a walk cycle and a wave action happening. Then you want during that the eyes and head to move towards the direction of the camera, giving a reconizing some one’s there look. But when I try to key frame the bones it doesn’t key frame! I did some exploring and thought maybe bakeing the actions into ipo keys would work but now when I try to make ipo keys on different bones ALL the ipo keys are randomly pushed to different times in the timeline. So say I try to move the neck and then I key it. ALL the keys then move back like 50 frames and when I try to move all the keys, whenever I get close to where I want the keys, they jump another 100 the other direction almost like it is conciously defiying me!:spin:

Does any one know the reason to this or happen to have incountered the same problem?