Why doesn't the models textures, skin load with loader...

Greetings, July 28th 2014

I have attempted several “Model Loading Processes” into a web page via three.js for a model which I downloaded and imported into blender for a scene which I then exported into “girltest.js” for a three.js load into the web page. The below web link allows that the scene loads, however, the model is lacking the “Clothes, Skin” while a black outline for the model appears. Additionally, I prepared a back drop using blenders “images as planes” import option for an image back drop which only appears if I rotate the scene by 90 degrees after the scene has been loaded? Further, the image is on the reverse of the plane, the side opposite the model outline? As a beginner the results after several loading option were tried is confusing? Any ideas? All files, textures and materials are local in the same folder to ensure such wasn’t the issue? keys “w, a, s” and “d” manipulate the scene


Change normal’s direction for backdrop plane while in Blender?

Not sure about girl’s texture file types - web is more like used to png or jpgs rather tga. Are you sure they should work?

Manual says:
The Image object can include an image (e.g., PNG, JPG, GIF, DDS), video (e.g., MP4, OGG/OGV) "
and does not mention tga.

Edit: when i drop shadow lines in your part of the script and downsize textures (as png) i can see model textured. Since i’m on cheap intel graphics and linux, FF, it all happens at snail’s speed. The same happens on mrdoobs terrain example page, tbh.