Why doesn't UV "Use light for face" work?

I’ve used the “Use light for face” button in GE several times as per Z3r0 d’s (now famous) picture/instructions:


But for some reason, it’s not working on a new model I imported. I’m using 2.41 and have deleted and re-created the uv’s several times, but it doesn’t seem to work on this model. Any ideas?

If there’s a light in your scene,
and you select all faces,
and press “light” button,
and press “copy draw mode”

Then your mesh must be “sensible to light”.

Maybe the light is near your object so it appears white ?
Or maybe your object need more faces ?

2.41 ? did you give your object a material ?

Ok, I see what’s going on, but I don’t understand why.

I have 3 lights in my scene. I have an existing model that I used the “light” setting on and it worked fine.

Now I imported a new mesh object and turned on the “light” setting for that object (I tried it with and without a material setting). This new mesh ignores the “light” setting. But if I add a -new- light, the new object reacts to the new light correctly. But now the old object ignores the new light.

I’m still too much of a noob to know if this is how Blender is supposed to work or not…

That’s not how it’s supposed to work.

Maybe it’s a layering problem? Probably not, but I want to ask anyway…

It could have something to do with a convertion, did the appended model come from the same version of Blender that you’re working in right now?

Yeah, I haven’t had time to really research it thoroughly, but it appears to be related to layers. I may have not had any active lights in that layer while I was trying to set the feature. I don’t remember exactly what I did, but for now I’ve added a light in each of the layers I’m working on and it’s working. When I’m done tweaking the models, I’ll sort out how many lights I really need.

Thanks for trying to help!

yes, for the game engine lamps only affect objects on the same layer

… thanks! You just saved me some time trying to figure it out!

To save you same headache:

you can also use a light on multiple layers.

  • select the light
  • ‘M’ opens the “move to layer”- menu (I don’t know the official name)
  • while holding down the shift key you can select deselect additional layers
  • click OK
    Now the light is present in all the layers you selected and will light the objects there.
    To remove the light from a layer do the same but deselect the layer in the menu.

Ah! Great tip! Thanks!