Why doesn't yafray render in blender anymore?

Why can’t I watch yafray (XML button unchecked) during render? What do I need to do to have this back?
Thanks for all your expertise.


go to yafray and d/l a yafaray build.
dont use the old yafray.

the new one is faster and better!

works with official blender now

I asked about this issue too. This is the answer I got:


But I totally agree with cekuhnen. Yafaray is simply awesome.


serioulsy the new yafaray is sweet.

materials are easier to setup not as convenient
as with yafray but easy.

also materials are more correct and the render engine
is nice and sweet.

just check it out


So it works with 2.47 on a Mac PPC now?
I know nothing about compiling stuff can i just install it and how do i remove the old one?
Don’t want to sound rude but information is so scatterd that i would like just a clear cut answer.

thanks in advance, Jack.

Uinstall and install.
Is the new yafray you’re talking about “yaf(a)ray”??

You don’t have to compile it, and I believe you can install it as well as Yafray.
I am running both on Linux.

I cannot find where to download yafaray build at yafray.org. I can see only yafray

Yaf(a)Ray official SVN builds Win32/Ubuntu/OSXintel 10.5+


i’ve never tired yafaray before and would like to take it for a spin to see what it does.
So, here’s the problem:
I’ve downloaded a recent blender build from graphicall.org (SVN16635 for windows)
Downloaded gt_setup and installed it, specifying the svn16635 folder on my desktop
Downloaded and installed yafaray-r2 from the link above and specified the blender dir on my desktop as well.
Yararay is NOT and option from the render settings. Even after restarting blender, i have no yafaray option.
Anyone got this to work?

I had the same problem. Did you specify your scripts directory during the installation process? Note: The default location it gives is totally wrong. I think it was C:\documents and settings\xxxx instead of C:\Program Files\xxxx

Secondly, if you did specify it correctly, go into your scripts directory and check to see if there is a .blender folder in there. If so, open it up, open up the scripts directory within it, then copy all the files back up into your main scripts directory. That should get it working.

Alternatively, just download this file with all the scripts in. Should work.


[email protected],
thanks for posting the files. I had some of them in my scripts dir and some were not?? … which is weird. Anyway, after unpacking your files into the scripts dir, “RESTARTING” blender, it still only shows yafray which, crashes on this build from graphicall.
It’s no big deal … the weekend is over and so is my playtime with blender :slight_smile:

Have a good one!

Oh wow – I misread what you were saying.

You wont get the yafaray option from the render window, It isn’t integrated the same way Yafray was. You need to change one of the windows to a script window, then from the scripts menu, choose Render >> Yafaray export 0.0.3. All the options should open up from there.

Alternately, you can also activate it by using the ‘Render’ menu at the top of the screen.

Now worries :slight_smile:
For some reason I assumed that it would work sort of “like” yafray (which i use a lot)
The funny thing is that right after clicking on the menu for the script, I get a python error so … not ready for prime time just yet :slight_smile:

The error msg is:

The console window (XP w SP3) says:
Windows Error: [Error 22] … “applications config incorrect” reinstalling may fix this problem

FAQ about yaf(a)ray:

Is the new yafray you’re talking about “yaf(a)ray”?
Yes, Yaf(a)Ray is the new YafRay.

I know nothing about compiling stuff can i just install it and how do i remove the old one?
You don’t need to remove YafRay 009. Installing or unistalling Yaf(a)Ray does not make YafRay 009 unusable.You don’t need to compile anything. There are already people building Yaf(a)Ray binaries every few days, look for them here:

Yararay is NOT and option from the render settings
No it isn’t. Yaf(a)Ray has got its own ‘RENDER’ button in the python-coded settings interface. The settins interface is launch by dividing your Blender 3DWindows and clicking in menu Render>Yafray Export 003

I think it was C:\documents and settings\xxxx instead of C:\Program Files\xxxx
Yaf(a)ray installs

1a. Yaf(a)Ray binaries usually in c:/programs files/yafaray (or the equivalent in your respective language)

1b. Yaf(a)Ray python scripts in the Blender scripts folder, wherever it is. Lately Blender scripts folders (in a Win default installation) are in c:/documents and settings/{user}/Application data/Blender Foundation/blender. (or the equivalent in your respective language)

Note: you can tell Blender to keep scripts folder in the Blender exec folder, this is optional in the Blender installation process.

The installer will show this folder if found, but you have an option to install the Yaf(a)Ray scripts in the Blender executable folder instead, this will work too. Blender executable folder is usually in c:/programs files/blender foundation/blender (or the equivalent in your respective language). Yaf(a)ray installer will create a scripts folder there by using this option.Everything is explained in the installation process, please read it carefully. Notice that the c:/documents and settings/{user}/Application data/Blender Foundation/blender folder is hidden in the Windows files explorer unless you tell Windows to show ‘hidden folders’, the installer can find it anyway (if it exists).

  1. QT libraries, they must be installed in the Blender executable folder, usually c:/programs files/Blender Foundation\Blender (or the equivalent in your respective language)

The console window (XP w SP3) says:
Windows Error: [Error 22] … “applications config incorrect” reinstalling may fix this problem …
Apart from the Yaf(a)Ray binaries and the QT libraries, you need two things installed, which are needed to run latest versions of Blender too, which are Python 2.5 (http://www.python.org/download/) and Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package. A Blender installation will install some Windows libraries that may be enough to run Yaf(a)Ray, if not try these:

Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86)
Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package (x86)

In my computer it works with 2005 SP1. The Redistributable Package is listed in the installing/unistalling utility in Windows Control Panel.