Why don't uv maps show up?

I am working on a game and i thus have to uv texturize everything. My problem is that some of the uvs don’t show up when i walk through - what is the problem? I currently don’t have 3d walls but i had and it stilled didn’t cover each face. I have tried reassigning the textures and everything but it doesn’t work - help!

btw i posted this here cause it is often the same thing in other modes not just game mode!


okay, are you entirely missing the fact that materials and textures in the texture and material buttons don’t work in the game engine?

so, you would:
enter face select mode [f key]
select your faces [make sure the active face is one of them]
choose an image in the image window

… that is pretty much it

for more specifics

exactly i did that! I created a material -> texface -> pressed f -> by default all are selected -> then i loaded the image in the uv editor: the result was that certain faces didnt’ get textured - they don’t show up in neither the 3d window or the game engine jsut in renders! WHat is wrong?

make sure you are in textured drawmode. ‘d’ for options.
<edit> also you might try selecting all verts in edit mode and pressing ctrl N for ‘recalc normals outside’

tried all of your suggestions and recalculating normals jsut inverted the uvs (made ones visible not and ones not visible - now more aren’t visible!) I hope tat can give you some head way as to what the problem is! Help!!

put up the blend so we can have a look.

jsut inverted the uvs

There’s your answer, you will only see the texture when the normal is facing the camera. Show your normals in edit mode and select the faces pointing the wrong way and flip their normals.


i dont’ know of a free sight to post my blend so if you could send me a link to one that would be great - also i will try what fligh% said.

Hi! Just a word,on th fly…

I am french,and my english isn’t very good. Perhaps I have misunderstood the question, but:

I have just given a shortlook at this topic,because Ihave very fey time at the moment, but I believe that only Textures with size multipleof 64 can be seenin realtime in the 3D Window.


Fligh% is correct. Some of your normals are facing the wrong way. That is why they don’t show up. Select the faces that don’t show and change those normals.

this isn’t necescarily the case

the glu [gl utility] library SHOULD resize an image to be square and the proper size when generating mipmaps

but even still, not all graphics cards will show it because of size limitations or missing features. This is relatively rare however [a voodoo 3 2000 isn’t common by any means, or a card that people would expect to run blender well]

i try flipping the norms of certain faces but it is to pointless as it just doesn’t work

oh, i just thought of it! - am i suppose to be in uv face mode to do it or edit mode?

i already deleted the blend but i am sure i can get it going again!

you can flip normals in edit mode, and also you can tab into edit mode while already in UV face mode.

yes i already new this and it still doesn’t work! i don’t what is wrong! i have abondoned it as i don’t really care to work on games much i was just getting over ambishes and wanted to try and make a demo for the oif team! So if anyone is interested we need someone to make game compatible maps using our models as none of the team knows how yet! The site is: www.geocities.com/oifthegame join the forum group and ask the admins for instructions!

You probably did this already but did you make sure that you had the texture input mapped to UV instead of orco? I did that once. The textures only showed up in the render even though I had UV mapped them. They weren’t there in the 3D window.

nope i didn’t do that - let me go try! thanks man - i totally fogot it! %|

nope sorry didn’t work! I probably jsut did something wrong again! Can someone post a link to a blend of a small map that is already uv mapped and everything so that i can just see what they did and figure out what i have done wrong? :wink:

Just follow that tut: http://membres.lycos.fr/bobois/Tuts/uvmapping/uvmapping01.html


I was actually going to write a simple tutorial to help you step by step but I think you already know how to UV map it’s just some of your faces are blank. When I went through the process step by step, I actually managed to get 2 cases where my faces were all UV mapped and my normals were fine but some were either black or blank.

If you have a shape where any of the faces are hidden from all light sources, then they will go pitch black in the render. If you select the shadeless button in the materials panel, you should see all the faces. Normally you want shading so just make sure the faces you want to see aren’t completely hidden from every light source.

These faces were visible in the 3D view, though. So, it may be that some of your UVs have collapsed. If you somehow shrunk some of your UVs down to a single point or a line by accident, then the faces are blank in every view.

I think the best thing to do is to select one of the faces that are blank in UV face select mode and check what the corresponding UVs are like in the UV editor. Just make sure they are actually above an image of some sort.

If all that is fine, check that you have mapped all of your materials to UV instead of orco. You have to do it for every model in your scene.

If none of that helps, dump your .blend file onto geocities.com. If you have a yahoo account, it is already set up. You just upload your file via web browser. Zip it up first though.

actually this is all i know -

create a material - select face in materials buttons then open editor then press f and put the images on the faces! Hlep other wise would be great!

thanks for the link as well - i looked over it quick and will follow it carefully in a bit but what i would really like is a blend file with a small map and walkthrough controls already ready! That would be great! Be sure to pack the images incase any one does send post the blend!

also i am a google nut so i dont’ hve yahoo, geocities, msn, any of thos WinBlows (windows) based acounts so i can’t get my blend up! %|


did yo hear Bill Gates got his search engine up? It’s called Bill Gatesoogle. Hmm, I just know that i have heard of something like that before!?! %|