Why don't we get a "blenderartists" wiki?

I personally think that it would benefit everyone if we had a site for blender that’s similar to polycount’s awesome wiki
but for blender
I learned so much from that wiki and really it’s just a compilation of everything you need to know about the game industry

I mean, sure there’s blender nation and there’s the tutorial forum…

but these are based on the news are really really disorganized and you don’t necessarily give one about say… animation(just me probably)

You can learn about the field of blender you are interested,read some whitepapers,etc

So why should you guys do it and I shouldn’t just create a wikia? well… wikias are filled horrible ads and… it looks horrible

But to be honest I’m not sure how long it would take to create another domain then implement Mediawiki
I imagine it’s probably not that expensive

I’ll volunteer to be one of people to keep the content flowing if needed

But this thread isn’t a full fledged proposal
next time I’ll have a prototype ready

So what does the community think?


Yes I’m aware of the existence of those but I wouldn’t say it’s the same as polycounts.

I mean one of them is really just a manual
the other is literally a book

The Blender Wiki is not just the manual, in fact the manual part is locked for editing since the the move to the sphinx-based manual has taken place. The problem with it is lack of maintenance, I’ve heard several complaints of people being unable to even get their account registered there.

Setting up a MediaWiki and a domain is not a lot of work, but who covers maintenance and cost? You’ll have to deal with spambots, malicious edits (links to malware), legal liabilities…

If you want to improve the Wiki situation but you can’t maintain the site, it’s better to help improve the existing Wiki than starting fresh.


where do I start?


Richard is referring to contribution to the manual (which is also direly needed!), but for the Wiki, I think you should first try to get an account and then start writing or do some cleanup. In your “application”, you are supposed to describe what you want to do, just tell them what you can do and ask what needs to be done.

If you don’t even get a reply for your application, I guess you can try PM’ing ideasman42.

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In general, I agree that the best effort is probably spent on improving the existing wiki. However, out of curiosity, you said that the existing wiki options aren’t quite like the polycount one. What’s the differentiator? What does that wiki have that the current ones are missing?