Why dont we have a universal bridge?

This seems to be a recurring topic, I’ve been recently getting into development stuff, I released some add-ons both commercial and free and there’s one more coming, I love to contribute to blender community, At the beginning I didn’t want to make commercial add-ons because I thought that would be cheesy, but so many people advise in doing so that I ended up trying it.

Now I have some experience with the coding stuff, I want to create some better tools, but there’s a catch… I would put a lot of work in developing such a tool and would like to keep closed source.

But It seems like GPL license forbidden the linkage of proprietary tools with blender, It might seem like a good thing but it means that I won’t ever be able to release my proprietary tool for blender.

This same topic popped a few times in the past but there seems to be no resolution yet.

and recently this was posted on the official blender website:

What intrigues me is this section:

You can create bridges between the domains. This is how Blender can work with other proprietary tools or engines. The bridges (if using Blender code) have to be fully GPL compatible. The closed software such bridges lead to can not be bundled, it’s up to your own – or the user’s – concern to connect it.

I wonder if we could create such a open source bridge as some sort of “loader” and make it sorta “Universal” such that developers could create tools that rely on this bridge without having to make their source public.

if there was a catch-all bridge (python?), wouldn’t it kill the reasoning behind the license?

Maybe, to be honest I don’t understand much about this licensing stuff, I know this gnu stuff is meant to give freedom for users, but as a novice developer, by the amount of work I have to do just to know what I can or can not do, I feel it as kinda restrictive.

i think the easiest way to study how it would work is to check how the blender-to-substance, blender-to-unreal and blender-to-unity plugins work.

If i’m not very mistaken, the closed source program has its own API, so the “bridge” (which is open source) handles both APIs. But making a full piece of software that does nothing without blender and can only be acessed using the open source plugin seems counterproductive.

The closed source program would be a simulation engine, similar to molecular script, not a program by itself, It would be written as raw C and compiled as an dll.

I just want to be sure because I don’t want to commit a horrible mistake in the future.

I wanted to reply to this thread when I saw it five days ago but stopped myself. But being it’s progressing exactly as I foresaw it, here’s my “two cents.”

Talk to your lawyer.

As much fun as it is to socialize/compare notes/get feedback from this fabulous site (and others), you are asking a serious legal question and unless someone registered here is actually a practicing attorney versed in copyright law, you will not receive an satisfying and informed answer.

Talk to your lawyer.

If you’re just asking what do the other members here think about it, well then, go right ahead! The pleasure is all ours! PEACE! :v: