why don't we thank the moderatros ? don't they deserve ...

those moderators at BA forums , honestly they deserve from us to thank them for thier hard work that they do for us …

they spend thier time and health for keeping this place really

<fun , great , and benifitial >

i’m here since 1.5 years -not a long time but … - <got internet at home since 2 months , just was navigating the site through the library and internet cafe’s> , and i have noticed that they really work so hard , the blender itself is really a great new concept , free , so everyone is working hard to devolpe it for the sake of the whole earth to become more improved .

i can’t mention each moderator by his self , but all of them do great work , and it is really surprising that we don’t thank them

it is not an easy task at all …

thanks mods .

p.s. :- sorry if this thread isn’t aiming for something specific like < technical question and things like those > …

Yes, thank you mods!!!http://image.guardian.co.uk/sys-images/Film/Pix/gallery/2001/11/14/Frodo_Aragorn.jpg

Thank you mods (especially for bearing with me mostly)

lol mods sure are short…

we have some great MOD’s here.
Happy holidays guys and girls :slight_smile:

Another thanks to all the other people who donate time, to make blender possible. i know I try to do my part by free tech support, examples, and full games for people to take apart and learn from. :slight_smile: wish I could do more.

Yes, we love the mods, although we need more of them in the off topic section. :wink:

Thanks, mods. =D

that will end all the ranting and raving that I’ve become so accoustom too. Maybe they can start using there power to spell check my posts. Like that there back their. …We love you mods

I’m joining the crowd:
Tack så mycket, moderatorer! <-That’s Swedish.

/ Mats

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Translation: Hey, thanks for getting rid of all the noobs that type like this. Great job moderators! You totally rock!

Here’s once again: Thank You!

Here’s once again: Thank You!

me too , :slight_smile: .

Yeah actually you’re right, the mods here are pretty good. I haven’t really noticed, but this forum does have some quality discussions, unlike many of the other forums I go to.

Thanks mods!

Keep up the good work :wink:

Thanks, EH! (See location)

Funny…I don’t remember when that picture was taken… oh wait… that’s Alltaken, isn’t it? :wink:

Lies lies and more lies. That is my cousin

Tell him that being barefeet went out of style in the 70s.


[deleted] . . .

Lets not.