Why dosn't this model show up right in the ge?

I have a car and a glock 17 model and they show weird they’re made by me…


Enter Edit Mode, select all vertices (A), press W for the Special menu, choose Flip Normals.

By the way, for a BGE object, it has too many polygons… try simplifying it a bit!

I tried that already not woking.

what vexelius said is completely RIGHT, a shortcut is to go into edit mode, select all (A), then hit CTRL+N
it does exactly what vexelius said.
if you still don’t understand, i uploaded your fixed .blend for you.
Note, an 800 poly gun isn’t too much for BGE nowadays, just as long as you don’t over complicate everything else. :wink:

It does work, don’t use Flip Normals though, just do Ctrl+ N while you have all the vertices in edit mode are selected, that recalculates the normals on the outside.

Edit:Lipsonfire beat me to the post…
btw: Lipsonfire, Ctrl+N and Filp Normals are completely different. Flip Normals gets all the normals and just flips them… all of them… Ctrl+N makes all the verticies flip on the outside so some don’t need to flip, again flip normals flips them all regardlessly if they are on the outside or on the inside. So if I hit Flip normals, all the normals on the outside will flip to the inside and all normals on the inside will flip to the outside. :yes:

You can also do: Ctrl+Shift+N to recalculate all the normals to the inside, this works good with skyboxes/domes so you don’t have to use two-sided… btw, don’t use two-sided to often it doubles the face count…

Ok ya thanks when I hit ctrl and n it worked