Why d'you always take care about CGTALK?

Why d’you want always crosspost here and on Cgtalk?

If this is for getting professionnals critics on your work, okay.
But i notice this isn’t the real aim, this is often for showing yourself or praising yourself to use Blender3D.
What’s wrong? Is it just trendy? i’m not aware about it.
Just for saying: “i was there!” :stuck_out_tongue:
Please, tell me what are you waiting.
Is it the others or yourself which you want to try to convince?

Blender is a professionnal application, Orange project confirms this more again, now you get it thus calm down.

I’m sorry, but i see this kind of kiddies’s behaviour here and now onto Orange blog’s comments.

I hope this “Hurry up!Show this on CGtalk” trend will finish soon.

Best regards. :Z

sorry, english isn’t my native language.
If you don’t have good arguments, at least fix my sentences :slight_smile:

EDIT: i decreased the rate of smiley :slight_smile:

My guess is that it’s because CGtalk isn’t an application specific forum.

Ever go lurking through different 3D galleries on the internet? You’d be surprised how much stuff appears in multiple galleries. The wider the audience the better.

I don’t think anyone who produces artwork of sufficient quality to post at CGtalk is crusading for Blender. While good publicity is, well, good, it’s not the point. The art is.

Of course, I haven’t done anything worth posting there myself…

If I understood that correctly, he doesn’t like people telling other people to post things on cgtalk? I’ll comment on this when I find out what he is really saying.

No, you didn’t get it. I know very well CgSociety.org, it’s not the problem.
The problem is about the people telling other people to post stuffs for proving Blender3D is able to piss quality pictures off. this, this is silly, and this is often.
Everybody knows Blender3D now, then stop.
Anyway, i’m not against about presenting blender’s ability so don’t tell what i didnt say :slight_smile:
Just here, forget to always ask to any picture author to post on CGtalk for crusading for Blender.
Duoas used the good word: “crusade”.

Moreover, Blender as powerful as it is, it can’t honestly compete with beasts like Maya/Xsi/Houdini on a large scale feature, thus what?
Please, post your pix for proving you are able to make pix, for getting crits, not always in the aim to convince people about Blender.

This debat can be useless, may looking false, but i don’t like this trend, it’s like that which i’m feeling it, sorry.
don’t be offenced, don’t flame me, we are just here for dialoguing.


ps: if i made this thread, this is beacause here i read that often.

I personally recommend posting on CGtalk quite a bit simply becuase the forums seem more focused on art, and not the technical side of things (perhaps I’m wrong). The community is also larger and I see great quality coming from there.

I think that once blenderartists.org is finished, though, CGtalk will have serious competition (at least I hope so).

maybe people want more crits on the art they make…

Damn, no, you didn’t get my point. :slight_smile:
I’m not against posting on CgTalk, and it’s pretty recommended If you are interested more by your pix than your software.
But it’s HERE, people want others post their works just to praise Blender, almost like blind fanatics or as i said, to convince themselves they are using a good tool.

It’s simple, this is The “kiddiez’s” behaviour.

Dear, Please, Cgtalk is a place… no sorry, THE place for professionals. You can hardly compete against them :slight_smile:


well, it used to be a bit crazy with people trying to tell those on cgtalk etc how good blender is, but i dont see much of it these days, which is good, people can only change their own opinion, and we should just do our art in our own program, post it when we want to and if people say ‘what you made that in blender? that program is so stupid i cant beleive you made that with it’ you can just simply give them the website and state it has had a lot of improvments, no need to preach.

Though really, i’ve not seen much of it, i think its because blender community confidence is growing with the great momentum of development. Don’t get too angry about it, if somebody really praises blender ‘which i have when i first started’ its because they are passionate and they really want to help blender reach the eyes of those who looked away from it, now more then ever people are really taking notice =)

no problem in my opinion. Sometimes i post things in elysiun and CGtalk, simply because i know different people from differnt forums, and the community is different, its a second opinion, and sometimes elysiun pick things cgtalk doesnt, and sometimes cg talk picks things elysiun users dont point out.

Perfect, Lee!
yes you can also read like: perfectly :stuck_out_tongue:
I totally agree with you.

Neither for me too. That’s your work, but i won’t never ask you to post on Cgtalk for preaching with that.
This is what i mean.

Well, now i’m lazy, LohnC got it, then you’ll get it too :slight_smile:


I understand… but I think you’re making a big deal out of nothing. Relax. Allow people to make their suggestions. Maybe they’re suggesting so the artist can get a wider audience (not just to pimp Blender). You can never be sure of other peoples’ motives. Just let 'em be.

Dear, Please, Cgtalk is a place… no sorry, THE place for professionals. You can hardly compete against them :)[/quote]

Well, I may not be the greatest but I’m gonna keep trying. :wink:

i think your making a big deal out of nothing as well. What is it even hurting by posting on cgtalk, besides pi$$ing you off? :stuck_out_tongue:

i certainly don’t see this happening very often

also, your making it sound as though were using a piece of poo to create the art that we do:

almost like blind fanatics or as i said, to convince themselves they are using a good tool.

Dear, Please, Cgtalk is a place… no sorry, THE place for professionals. You can hardly compete against them

but many of us actually can put out professional quality work, and we CAN compete with the so called professionals. (have a looky look at the blender gallery)

In fact, i myself could be called a professional by definition as i have done 2 jobs in the 3d biz so far (using blender even :D)

Larger 3d applications have more tools, and in the long run are better than blender in areas (mainly rendering). But i believe the reason people tend to think of it badly is that there are more new people using it than there are using, say, Max.

sorry if i managed to offend you, was just meant as “dialoguing” as you say :smiley:

The thing that twiggles me about cgtalk is it has a very large fan base, but if you image isn’t good, they wont comment, so in milaseconds it gets barried. I mean when I posted my wips of a few game art models I had to fight to keep it on page one to get some sort of reply with direct. I dont even bother posting my sketches up there, not even worth it.

And I learned that post work up there and saying how good blender is, is instant dead upon [submit].

Some I see cg-talk for is a place to gather information, as I tend to only visit to see the lastest news and best art work, I dont really dig to find images. Probably what most of other people do as well.

CGtalk was better before. It was like elysiun. News and general forum is the only place I go to when cgtalking. The gameart are cool too.

CGTalk is a good place to post artwork that involves cyber-car chase-fantasy-chick scenes so gratuitous they make Boris Vallejo seem like a Catholic priest. If you do that, you will get about 10 pages of replies and are virtually guaranteed to earn CGTalk about 6 newly-registered users who wanted to reply to your post with stuff like:

And then 5 minutes later you get this PM from the same user:

Later on you have two options if you want to extend your thread by about 5 pages:

  1. Post a wireframe, except overlay it on top of a “clay” render

  2. Post a small tutorial on how you modeled the lower lip of your fantasy chick and it took you about 20 hours but you actually tell everyone it took you 5 minutes.

Anyway, Blender users are famous for not having enough patience to complete anything but the most basic of tutorials without starting an Off-Topic Forum thread about their personality disorders, so to see some Blender work actually posted on CGTalk is something of a miracle to most.

Hope that clears things up a bit.

Ha ha ha rotflmfao.

I post my work at CGtalk in the hope of getting a front page award.

Always have done, always will do. No other reason. If I ever manage it I’ll try for another.


Damn, be realistic, blendies’s pix can hardly compete with works seen on cgTalk, i don’t mean Blendies are not talented but there is a lack.
On CgTalk there are really strong artworks.
Here, you are too focused on softwares.

oh yeah, for sure, blender’s works are totally original
just on this page Please, tell me how many Chick, RobOts or cyber cars… are you seeing?
Check the second page, too :slight_smile:

At the moment, i didn’t see any of Blender’s pix (including mine) deserving a frontpage or more than 2 stars.
The level is very high on CgTalk and it’s fine.

It’s worst here:

  1. Oh Man, how did you manage this, Could you make some how-to, could you give us the .blend?
  2. It’s the proof of blender ability to be used in production©
  3. Blender can beat Maya/Xsi, etc etc… big©
    or the classic
    4)This feature is great, i’m just waiting for tutorials…©

The rest, you are just envying about Cgtalk. :slight_smile:
Well, you know, we can continue for hours.

It’s not a problem for me, i like both community.
Both have good and cons.

cheers and this thread is long enough.

Simple point: If no one showed their work outside the blender community, what would happen to blender in the future?

Every product, even an open source one, needs promotion. So does every artist. Posting artwork in multiple communities is good for the artist as well as the software it was created with.

And what is wrong with showing off anyway? :stuck_out_tongue:

Blender was used on the spiderman movie.

We even have Cessen from here working on Spiderman 3 =)

Some things i’ve made personally I have had more helpful comments at Elysiun, sometimes depending on the situation and the people who look Cgtalk can be better for improving.

And really meltdown Blender had a huuuuge limit (as in a limit that was very hard to reach) a year ago, look at it now, its been used in feature films in europe.



I always get a very warm response in CGtalk i find, even if its crap work they are usually nice to tell me of it. Buit remember Work In progress is a LOT more important then Finished products here. I think thats where people fall in traps. If you havnt had 9-10 years experience in CG llike some other at CG talk wowing crowds with their beautiful peices (no need to envy or get angry at them btw, they went through 10 years of learning, not bad!!!)

Enter a compeition or show your stuff in WIP, there people really help you out to make something that some elysiun users (NOT all blender community =) remember the blender community is MUCH MUCH bigger then elysiun) also can be a bit slack at I find ‘Finishing Projects’ forum. Mostly here finished projects are things worked on from 1 day to an average maximum of about 20 days (I do the same, and its great to do more smaller learning projects! =D). at CGtalk some of the stills are worked on as masterpeices, 3 months or 2 months on a peice sometimes, give or take the amount of years they have been doing CG. It’s not for learning, they stop learning for a time (maybe a bit) to do something challenging but in their work range, they did a whole bunch of lesser peices to learn how to then make something big and flashy, learn patience detirmination and hard work rather then just learning features.

So, learning is no way bad, but don’t aim for front page on cgtalk as primary objective, or maybe at least first. First you must realize that CG Talk has a bunch of great people who love CG too! their not all industry guys, and even the ones who are just come to chill out and love the hobby side of it a lot. I like to get into the community (heck ballistic publishing is based in my city), and then you really get a feel for the place and people, just like the Blender community, CGtalk is a verfy strong great community, just has a lot more people and people who just ‘pop’ in to say hi.

So, in conclution, WIP and competitions will let you receive great recognition, as you learn, other can learn from you, and your joining into the community event, you are saying ‘I post my work here, i’d like to get to know more the people here and how they work too, i’ll join in on this community event or post my work in wip and work with some of their ideas and critique’ and people really like that =)

just the same as a new blenderhead posting things and getting his work out there to gian new skills.

This was rushed a bit as im making in the orange studio lunch time. On that side of things though too, the ideas we are talking to Ton about encompasses Ton’s future for the program, and how we would like to be using it. I can say that there are no doubts to Blenders already huge amount of features, and ultimately we are working on making it easier and easier for the user to use these features aimlessly after some quick testing.

So, for Artist and program alike, a community can not be controlled, the community acts to the way the community is, if you want to change things, change the community, get involved, ‘lecturing’ rather then understanding the underlying reasons, just like parent child, is the key. simply demanding things change will not make it happen.

With comments like this, you can’t walk away from this discusion.

Well speak for your self mate. Anything made in Blender can be better than other mainstream 3D app works.

I have had numerous threads at 3DTotal with 5 stars. Several Blender works have reached the front page there.
All the work I did for the 3DTotal Textures collection was made and rendered with Blender. If the standard of the work wasn’t as good as the other applications, they wouldn’t have used my work. Fact.

Um that’s the point, these are the Blender forums.

I totaly agree with LohnC on this one.