Why hair leaving the mesh

With the hairs comb and giving nice shape

After applying rotation and scale why the hairs change the shape and length

I try to animate the brush dropping in the cup. The hair leave the mesh.


Any suggestion or help whats going wrong. Thanks

i tried to bake rigid and also hair yet to no result any solution plz

Might be best to convert the “Hair” to mesh and either Join or Parent to the brush…or just have the emitter the shape of the brush top as a separate object and parent that to the handle…
Quick example…Paint-Brush.blend (653.2 KB)

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brush remove from the mesh.blend (1.0 MB) hair elongateds

Why the hair remove from the mesh when comb. And its getting elongated when comb

Looking at your file…you were grabbing the lower vertices of the strands…in Path Mode.
To comb how you are wanting set it to Point or Tip…( Icons just right of the Particle Edit Tab )

There is a problem with your Emitter, as it looks like you tried to extrude or something and it was skewed over itself…I just deleted it and grabbed the loop on the top and Grid filled…separated selected mesh and added back the particle hair again…

brush 2.blend (1.9 MB)

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