Why has Auto-Save quit working?

Since about day one working in Blender I’ve had Auto-Save set up to make temp saves every 5 minutes, 'cause let’s face it, Blender does crash. Now & then ;).

But recently I’ve had a run of major mojo good luck – no crashes for over a week! Excellent. But all good things must end, and when my crashless streak did, I went to my temp folder to resurrect my work, only to discover that Blender had not done a temp save for nine days!

I checked all my prefs and nothing has changed, the temp folder path is still valid – in fact Blender did save a quit.blend file there, just no temp saves (the ones with numeric filenames).

I only have to recreate about 45 minutes of work, no sweat there, but any ideas why the temp Auto-Save might not be working?

Version 2.49b

I have this same problem in 2.5 - autosave just stopped working at some point. It still creates a quit file, but of course that’s useless.

Same problem here, but I discovered autosaved files had been saved in the folder where I save manually…in my case //Blenderfiles/Models/ although in user preferences I had chosen the default ‘Temp’ folder.