Why has blender SVN stopped in version 21881?

hI guys,

It’s been more than a week in which the blender SVN seems to have stopped and frozen in checkout version 21881. Is there any reason for this? Or has the SVN server address changed?

Anyone knows something on this regard?

Alvaro F. Celis

I’m think your mistaking, revision 21881 was commited only a couple of minutes ago:

I’ve been seeing many more updates in the 2.5 branch than in the 2.4x trunk (though both of my versions are 21881?). The svn address for the 2.5 branch is:
It may be that you are still downloading 2.4x updates, but since all of the devs are working on 2.5 now, there simply aren’t many updates. If not, I’m not sure. Perhaps the devs are taking a vacation or pause for meditation (or the rest of their lives). They’ve earned it, even though 2.5 is nowhere near release.

Thanks a lot guys. Then the pause is really worth it! :slight_smile: And yup, I didn’t make it clear, I was referring to SVN for 2.4 :wink:

Thanks J09 for the 2.5 branch address. I didn’t know of it. Do you build it the same way as blender 2.4? What python does it require, 2.5.4/2.6.2/3.0?

And one last question, the link for the windows libraries is still the same?