Why hasn't the gallery been updated?

What with all this talk of Cycles, Mango, recodes of blender, there has gotta be something good enough to end up in the gallery, that even dwarfs the honorary stuff that’s in the gallery now. ((fore example: I’m sorry, but past the beautiful feminine structure of Amazing Girl, I know a lot of better ones)

I notice that some of the render has also been missing in the gallery…or is it just my imagination?

After looking through the gallery, it looks like it stopped growing around mid 2011

Yep, quite outdated!

If y’all think something is gallery material just click the little report button and say so to start the super-secret process of Gallery Worthiness Determination™.

(super-secret in this case means I have no idea how it all works myself)

This is a real shame. There’s so much awesome work that’s showing up in these forums that never seems to make it into the Gallery.

Same goes for the official Blender.org site… what a missed opportunity… those haven’t been updated for longer yet!

I just saw something in the gallery is from 2012

Thanks for the reminder guys! Currently the gallery has to be updated manually and often times we forget to do that. However we are currently working on a revamp of many portions of the forum that will also include a much easier gallery system that should keep things nice and shiny and up to date :slight_smile:

As Uncle Entity said, if you see a piece that’s gallery worthy please do press the “Report this post” button at the bottom left and state “Gallery” as the reason. It’s a big help :slight_smile:

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