Why i cant comb the hairs & other hair particles issue

Will im having alot of issue with the hair particles. Can anbody plz help or give a deep explanation or reference video which can change my life with the hair particles. Alots of video i have seen on youtube but did not get success. A few question mean time i have making my life suck

  1. Why i cant comb the hairs. For me as per seen many videos settings looks good. Still cant comb the hairs. Whats the issue i did not understood. Below is the link of video and a blend file

hairs1.blend (2.2 MB)

  1. When i comb the hairs the hairs looks ok in the particle mode. When add object particles why the particles outside the mesh. I have created vertex group also.

  1. When i comb why the hairs go inside the mesh and not on the top of the mesh. What setting i have to keep so that hairs do not go inside the mesh.

Plz help for mean time question. Thanks