"Why I Deleted All of My Social Media and 60,000 Followers"

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In any case, it comes down to this: there are a lot of people who don’t understand that social media is, first and foremost, a marketing venue… and most people suck at marketing. And I’m not talking about ads. When a person posts photos of their vacation or their car or their cat, they’re publicizing those facets of their lives… illustrating how good they have it. When a person posts their political opinions, they’re engaging in propaganda. When they post their art, they’re marketing their skills in that particular medium. And so on.

The problem is that quite a few people (most?) don’t understand that they’re engaging in marketing of some sort when they’re on social media and therefore they fail to treat it as such… and then of the people who do know that they’re marketing, quite a few (most?) do it poorly and annoyingly.

Granted, there are a few corners of each social media platform where people can engage in real socializing, but they’re pockets and corners… and most of them are based on communities that started outside of the platform.

is a little bit funny, the off-topic of the off-topic, but anyway,

here it’s not just a matter of marketing, selling or buying things,
people begin to notice manipulative movements:

the number of followers, the number of likes and dislkes, and also the censorship movements, which of course as they are often questionable make people sick.
more if in all this we slip the algorithms that to extrapolate as much profits as possible of any kind, create movements very similar to the phenomena of addiction and then drainage just as they do slot machines … well the question begins to get serious …

there is always an exchange, in a relationship, that is emotional, or physical or that is through an exchange of objects, that we call or economic value … if this exchange does not form a zero-zero equation, it creates an imbalance which somehow must always be compensated. whether it is little by little or all at once, as an example in metaphor, like a dam that accumulates all the water, and then when a crack forms then it comes out all at once and quickly …


The point in bold is why the tech. industry will only look like a bunch of hypocrites should they oppose future government bills done in the vein of SOPA and PIPA from many years back. It’s the same with a lot of internet users, they say they are completely against censorship and that the issue is black & white, but are actually big promoters of it depending on which ideas are being blocked. They should then admit that some censorship against the most nasty stuff (for the purpose of maintaining civility on the internet) can be a good thing, because they lost the authority to just flat-out say “no”.

Riders on the storm. In between the lines a gap? In mind, con-text gets forgotten and soulless becomes just a word carrying emotional note based on dogma. Negative connotation brings prohibition, which arises in further prejudice then turns to alternative discrimination. Like those who are discriminated are equally or exponentially discriminating back. It’s an eye for an eye principle. Going on for millennias. Running in circles.

Why sooner or later they all come back for more “profit”, pretending to have another act being an-other character in alternative/ parallel universe. So, is it really an “article” or just more “bragging rights”? :wink:

Privileged becomes authoritative person. As long as it fits into elitist’s domain.
Long live Ziggy Stardust. For he had shown the raw guts of the Industry and those calling themselves believers, artists & showmakers…
… and the world experienced punks.

I frankly ignore social media … always have, always will … because I consider it to really be nothing more than Pavlovian conditioning.

The companies who run these systems sell information, and they want you to give it to them. Well, that’s easy to do: just give out “rewards.” Likes, friends, followers, often by the thousands. If you identify with this, you accept it, and you do feel rewarded. Unless you somehow become suspicious. Unless it occurs to you that you are being very-cunningly manipulated.

Psychology has always been a fascinating subject for me, and crowd psychology is easily the most fascinating of all.

A core component of marketing is manipulation. When a person posts to social media, they’re doing so for a reason and that reason is both to persuade and to manipulate. Now, to be clear, I don’t mean “manipulate” with any kind of negative connotation. All social media is marketing, whether you want it to be, or not. That means that the platform operates on rules that relate to the field of marketing… and the key aspect to remember is that you’re playing in someone else’s sandbox/billboard. They set the rules and are free to change them whenever. If people don’t want to play by those rules (or if they’re unaware that the conditions exist), then it’s definitely best that they abandon the platform.

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I can not blame you, you are right and you have perfectly clear much of what you describe.
But there is one thing to take into account, people are sentient, the relationship of trust can increase or decrease depending on the behavior in this exchange … and reputation is everything, especially for large public companies.
I remember the years when Microsoft was in danger of failing for its arrogant attitude, and now step by step they are starting to fix their system operating system sieve … and to be less “profitable” …

What instead, in my opinion, the reputation of the big social networks, facebook, google etc … is starting to fall for the manipulative facts that begin to be of public knowledge.

Other steps of evolution, everything is in motion.

Pánta rheî
Omne ignotum pro magnifico
Sic transit gloria mundi

Amon, I think that we all need to also bear in mind that "all of this is, in many ways, [still …] utterly and completely new." There really is no precedent for these developments, in all(!) of human history up to now. We are still trying to figure it all out. We’re definitely trying to figure out where the laws should be.

“May you live in interesting times.” Well, we certainly do!

But also … "perhaps we one-and-all too-innocently presume …" that … somehow … “all of this is ‘completely unprecedented.’” When a more-sober examination of human history reveals that this is not so.

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Totally Agree.

There is Great Chaos under the Sky! Is This Situation Excellent …
Mao Ze Dong’s

I think it’s the case to continue this tread with this news.
it seems to be the most expensive fine ever made to a modern hitech company…
let’s keep talking about social networks and about the future of these … will they still leverage big data?

FTC reportedly approves $5 billion settlement with Facebook