Why I don't get any caustics?

Hi, masters. I want to remake Andrew price’s pool house in his architecture academy without joining his class.
I make glass and water material with fake caustic to get the beauty of the scene.

Here is the .blend file:

If you enable layer 3 and 4, you will get the fake caustic.
But, if you enable layer 1, 2, and 3, you will not get the fake caustics.

I have tried either direct light, limited g.i, or even full g.i, and even change all the bounces to 128. But, nothing works.
So how to tweak mine?

And also, my scene is more suit by using sun lamp or mesh lighting?


Pool House.blend (3.22 MB)

you can either download the mediafire one or by the attachement section, they are the same. the upload was so long, I closed it. I thought the upload was canceled. So, I reuploaded it by mediafire because it’s faster.

no one? :frowning:

The best way to get caustics in Cycles using the Blender lamps is to make sure you have ‘multiple importance checked’ as well as having the ‘filter glossy’ value to something like 0.20-0.25. Either way, you’re going to need a lot of samples to clear them up as Cycles is just a unidirectional pathtracer.

Try applying the scale on the pool, see if that helps. Select the pool in object mode, ctrl-A choose scale. Your scale was -8 on x.

okay, i’ll try tommorrow

i’ve done it but the scene got noisier and my gpu crashes

The extra noise you’re seeing might actually be the caustics starting to form, but you would need to confirm it by letting everything converge.

Also, your GPU crashing could be anything from lack of VRAM to overheating, you will need to make sure your cooling system is up to snuff as well as double-checking the VRAM statistics to see if it can handle moderately detailed scenes.

no, I don’t get any caustics inside the pool. why? :frowning: I’ve corrected face normal, mesh scale, and so on.

If you want caustics you’re better off using another render engine