Why I don't work in advertising

A mock infomercial for a futuristic but rather brutal transport system. Would you take a ride on the Smooothy transport system ?


This is an inventive commercial. The animation, voice over and editing were smooth enough that I was able to enjoy watching it as a funny advertisement.

Were you trying for realism? I feel like the video might have felt more natural with stylized, toony characters.

It is an impressively long animation. It must have taken a while to put together (and to render).

Did you write a screenplay for this project before you animated everything?

Your video does not make me want to take the Smoothie to work, but do not take that too hard; I have incredible sales resistance.

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Hi CasterCase thanks for your input.
I was going for a look similar to some product training films, I have seen.
Not realistic at all but a kind of plastic look more marketing orientated than technical skilled.
Built to a budget somewhat lower than Hollywood but more than the coffee fund. I think it lands at least in the ball-park.
I used “Makehuman” and motion capture files to get the walking to be reasonably realistic but kept materials lighting and such rather chunky and simplified.
The sound is critical to create the mood. The process started with a rough storyboard from which the scenes and camera movements where created.
Once the animation was completed. My wife created a list of advertising jargon statements, which I recorded and then by heavy editing sometimes at the single word
level I constructed the dialog around the animation. This is easier to do that the other way around. You may notice in adverts no-one ever pauses to take a breath it’s relentless…
It was then heavy equalized pitch shifted and compressed. Yes it does take some time to render.
Batching the render helps. Start render before going to bed. Collect it when you return from work the following day.
I think you are wise not to travel using this technology.
Been juiced in a giant blender, forced though pipe under the streets and been re-constructed by Nano-bots on arrival is not for everyone…

Updated image

I think for the kind of corperate video your aiming for - needs to be a little lighter rather than th dingy green that most of this is… but I really like the video you’ve created here.

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Yes I agree, a lighter more cheerful color might have made it pop more :slight_smile: