Why I hate Blender

Yesterday I spent some time working out how to correctly map an image to a plane, with tiling. Frustrating, but I worked it out and went to bed happy. This morning, after adding a few other objects, and without changing my original plane, I find that Blender is putting the image on UPSIDE DOWN!!! Now, I could solve this problem by opening my image in PS and saving it upside down to compensate, but what will Blender do with it tomorrow? The interface is hard enough to learn without random chaotic behaviour driving me to distraction.

EDIT: Mea culpa (my bad). Sorry, just my ignorance and incompetence. I had two versions, one works, the other doesn’t. Same settings, but not the same file.

Are you sure this isn’t user error?

UPSIDE DOWN??!?!?!?!?

Try 3dsMAX. Blender is a very bad program, but 3dsMAX! The superior perfect hyperprogram! Its GUI is extremly brilliant!

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Learn UVmapping, then you can rotate your UVmap so the image can be in any angle.

I’m an “ex 3D Max user & ex Maya user”, all I have to say is… before for any kind of production (illustration, visual effects, game development, etc…) I had to usea at least two or three different programs and switch from one to another all the time, also wasting time exporting files and importing them into another program, ALL this has been gone thanks to Blender, no more intersteps between my productions, all I need is inside blender, I have 3d modeller, renderer, video compositor (with nodes for treat layers, etc…), videogame editor, what else do you need? at the first is not so easy for beginners but thrust me… It worth to learn blender, once you’re used to it you will remember with a smile in your face the days where you been switching from one app to another.

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Sorry folks, definitely user error. Blender is a great program.

Lol. Epic short thread.

I know the basics of UV mapping, but don’t know how to tile a texture using UV mapping, other than mapping the texture individually to every poly that need it. So I’m trying to learn to work with other mappings.

I found my problem - the axes were of the plane were pointing the wrong way. The last problem I had was that normals were pointing the wrong way on some polys after various extrusions. I guess I should do all my work with axes and normals turned on, since they’re the major culprits (other than myself) in my problems.

EDIT - sorry, I meant to quote CD. I think I’ll just leave now.

Sudden rant!
This happens sometimes and is quite embarrassing :slight_smile:

Why I hate Blender, let me count the ways.

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Sudden rant!
This happens sometimes and is quite embarrassing :slight_smile:

lol. this is very true!

I have tried world map on sphare in Blender. I hope you will like it. If you need help, contact me. Please don’t hate Blender.

@zanos Diggin that avatar: I really want to model mine one day! just to brag i got the aventura version baby!

Oh ya… any blender head will tell ya it’s a love hate relationship 98% our stupidity and 2% missing features and/or shortcuts to get things done, but hoorah for 2.5 it’s gonna change all that! I’m already using it now (well what works so far :slight_smile: )

were you in the correct view when unwrapping?

Is it just me or is many stuff of the 2.5 builds still missing? How can you already work with it? Add with space bar doesnt work. Many things don’t work yet, do they?

Donno why but i feel that was probably sarcastic

Endi is our local troll here. You should only feed him Blender-related material, otherwise he’ll start screaming about odd things like “3ds max”. No one has ever found the reason for it, but some believe he might have been exposed to the thing he’s yelling about :yes:

Poor man, I can see why. I breifly opened 3D Max and just glimpsed the ‘start’ screen. Even now, the mere memory of it still makes me shudder in dread. I can imagine having to actually accomplish anything in the program resulting in permanent damage and deep mental scars.

If you are lucky it will crash soon after you open it and you might keep some of your sanity.