Why I need to be in the zone hard. Blender is causing me anxiety

I’m gonna backup, I’m gonna autopack, I’m gonna cloud.

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“incremental save” (Free)

Gonna add this because more than once I hit Ctrl+s when I wanted to hit Shift+s

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It could be useful, but I think it will not help you in the case of image textures (at least the video does not mention them, maybe it does).

I tend to use “save as” for blend files and different names if I have changed anything significant. For long projects I have many versions of the same file in different stages, you never know when you will notice a certain object has been changed undesirably.

I often have to append objects into a newer file from a previous state, sometimes simply because I change my mind.

I think whatever method you decide on you still have to be extremely careful when saving things, this is a good habit that will grow over time!

I started using Blender way back when the first version was released, and if you think it’s bad now, there was no undo, no documentation to speak of and any number of ways to unknowingly send it into a crash. I rarely have any problems with it because I got in the habit of saving frequently early on. My suggestion to you is to save frequently! :slight_smile:


Being lulled into infrequent saving (because of the relative stability of most Blender versions) can actually lead to problems when using other apps (because you no longer save often out of habit and some apps. are rather unstable in comparison, including some market leading ones).

Though I do agree that the idea of having auto-generated backups (for textures being worked on in texture paint) could actually be useful, even more so since UDIM really increases the texel real-estate you can work. By the way, there was a commit late last week that allows you to pack UDIM textures into the .blend file now (which could be useful for cases where it is fairly unique for the scene).

Every time I get to a “stopping point”, where I’m at a good place and I’m about to do something new or affect something I’ve already done, I save to a new version. That way if something goes wrong I still have my last version. I can easily rack up 20 or 30 versions of a file for a sculpt, and I use the PowerSave add-on to make versioning super easy. One click, actually.

That’s in addition to two different backup auto saves (every 2 minutes) and frequent manual saves- I’m at the point where I usually save after every operation, it’s fast from the keyboard.

All my blender files and backups are then synced to Google Drive. I’m paying for a 200 GB storage plan, which is more than enough so far, and it’s only 2 dollars a month.

All in all, I’ve lost a lot of work in the past, and I’m determined to never have that happen again

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I tried pre v2.79 My version of undo was uninstall. Especially at that time when I knew next to nothing about Blender and 3D stuff.