Why in Shift + s, there is no "Selection to center"?

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Is’t too difficult to code to parent to an empty and move the empty to x, y, z, equal zero aka to the center and then unparenting (deleting the temp empty). Or other process…

Add this fonction to the aimantation panel (shift + s) would be a great help, I don’t understand why not? :spin:


This is the wrong section of the forum, but it seems like you are describing what the hotkey alt-g does. moving the selected objects to 0,0,0. But this is very much the wrong section of the forum to talk about this.

I think what Spirou4D means is that there is no way to move the selected objects to the center of the world without shifting their position relative to each other. Clearing the position (Alt+G) wouldn’t do this, it would just move each individual object in 0,0,0, effectively stacking them on one another. Selecting them, snaping the cursor to selection, adding an empty, parenting the objects to that empty, then moving the empty to 0,0,0 is the only way to do this at the moment, just as Spirou described.
True, it would be useful to have this.

use shift+s “selection to cursor (offset)” on the latests builds

Hi all,

I havn’t seen the answers: no message in my mailbox???
Yes mem, you understand me exactly. It’s not dificult to script your explanation to obtain teh same result???

Thks slitharg but “wrong section of the forum” isn’t my job.
Alt+g is a possibility for one object but it’s not my question: not reset all objects to (0.0.0).

Thks gritche! “selection to cursor (offset)” I agree with this remark to answer at the object’s group.
But my question was to obtain “center” goal in one click .

Then, all I have to do is to make the script myself…

Hi all,

This is my answer, a new add-on:

to use it, no problem!
Don’t forgot to activate the add-on in your preferences before to use it, please.
Snapping panel (Shift + S) -> Spirou4D snapping -> Selection to center (offset)

Don’t forgot to activate the add-on in your preferences before to use it, please.

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Just to update my addon, now:


  • remove the Spirou4D’s menu, now the command is just add to the list.
  • run in edit mode too.

Use it and send me your feedback, please.

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