Why is account time-out so short?

why is the website timeout so short?! I keep having to be interrupted when I send/post a message…I sometimes write and do, so sometimes it takes an hour to write something up…then I press send, and it gives me the sign-in again message…I don’t even know if the message I pressed “send” on even got there, so I have to rewrite everything…

why would anyone WANT to take someone else’s forum account anyways? I couldn’t care less if I had an admin’s account…it’s not useful enough for me to want it (no offence, or course :stuck_out_tongue: )

I’m requesting you extend the time-out time to at least a hour

thanks for reading

You sound like security isn’t an issue, so why not just–next time you log in–check that little box that says (something like) “Keep me logged in?”

Works for me. I haven’t been logged off this site for months. Makes for a nice, fast, one-click get-me-to-the-site thing, too.

Well for me it isn’t
Who would want to hack or seal a forum anyways? There’s nothing in it for them

Good idea…very simple and I totally overlooked it. thanks

A high-traffic forum like this one? There’s plenty to gain if your aim is to hijack and redirect for purposes of spamming or “SEO-tuning”.

WHERE is that little box?

Underneath where you enter ‘User Name’.

Geesh, I feel so dumb. But thank you!

I never used this “remember me” feature in any forum by now but somehow I got the impression blenderartists isn’t useable at all without this. How long is the timeout ? 30 seconds ? Or is something wrong with my account or with my browser ? I can’t even type in my password without to have to type in my password again ! It’s driving me nuts !

EDIT: It seems I stay appaerently logged in a pretty long time, as long as I’m just reading and don’t want to edit anything. But as I start any action I got a message about “I don’t have permission” and “should refresh the side and login” again. Nicely this comes new with every single step of editing I take, once for hitting reply, once for going in advanced text editor, once for Editing Attachments, once if I want to switch to my profile, once when I finally try to send a posting and when not. And randomly it fails even when I thought I logged in properly the 10th time.
Is this really how it use to be around here ?