why is blender 2.47 so slow?

Hello guys… I installed blender 2.47 yesterday. But for some reason its very very slow. Even the buttons don’t respond well. Blender 2.46 worked well on my PC so i dont think there is anything wrong with my PC. (I may be wrong.) does anyone know what is happening here?

It usually helps to also write your system specifications (operating system, graphics card, graphic drivers, etc.). There’s isn’t much to do other than speculate without this information.

pentium 4,
64 mb vga,
512 ram

And 2.46 ran fast?!?!?!?!?!? :eek: 512 MB RAM? What OS?

Sometimes my installed Blender 2.47 halts for a moment before it continuous on rotating my human modell around 1 to 3 seconds. System specs as seen in signature.

My comp. has SSE2 but not SSE3, and I get drastic slowdowns with certain files in the latest version, that I don’t get in 2.47, with the same file. I’m guessing it might have to do with large address aware code.

any idea how to fix this issue?

blenderman345: And 2.46 ran fast?!?!?!?!?!? 512 MB RAM? What OS?
Win XP sp3

Have you the “ATI Problem” ?
if your grafics is a ati then take a look for the “atioglxx.dll”
search this forum.
Ati can slow down Blender
good blending

i think the problem is the size of your gfx card, not the brand. “64 mb vga”. i know someone who has an old laptop that has that much but with nVidia and blender still is unusable. (menus take a while to open, viewport positioning is .5fps…).
i have an ati radeon 2600pro with a512mbs pipe and i can run blender up to 2 millon verts no sweat. (on windows that is, on *nix, suzanne crashes it :O)

i would suggest you get a new card, there really cheap these days and though i personaly like ati, for blender, best would probally be nVidia. cheers!

UPgrading your ram will help. Get as much as you can afford. I have 2 GB on my system.

i actually have the same problem with running blender 2.47
my computer specs are
Windows Vista
Intel core 2 Duo 2.2 GHZ
4 GB ram
Nvidia GeForce 8800 GTS

the render and all that runs fine but for example the selection tool brai n farts a lot and starts selecting like an inch after i want it to… it has like a response delay… weird but it does that for some reason and is pissing me off
i know ive been away from blender for more then a year but since im on deployment now (yea yea im stuck on a dam ship) i have time to actually make some stuff now and upload my work but i cant get anything done couze it frustrates me lol so ill probobly just downgrade

my P3 desktops with the 64mb vga card are dogs and unusable anymore. I second the “get a video card” suggestion

If blender hiccups, its not Blender, its your OS doing housecleaning, or networking or boinking or something (vitaliy - you should be screaming fast. change your task list in vista to make Blender real-time).

Do you guys think service pack 3 has anything to do with it? (besides having a bad graphics card). thats the only thing that has changed on my computer after blender 2.46.

just more info… I have exactly the same problem. But vitality’s PC has much better hardware than mine. I think this problem goes a little deeper than hardware.

Erm yes, that sort of stuff happens you know. Some people run blender on machines that have more than 2 years of age. I ran blender for a long time on a Geforce 3 ti 200, Athlon XP 1700+, 256 Mb Ram. Xp, sp1, 2 and 3… (bought it at the end of 2001) Still a nice machine.

Now I run on a Athlon 64 3200+ laptop, Radeon 9700 mobility 128mo, 512 mb ram. A blender still runs fine, have never suffered the ati slow down issue. Bought it 3 years ago.

@mahela007: try using Omegadrivers. They’re the only ones that install correctly for my machine BTW :slight_smile:


2.46 ran considerably faster than 2.47, specs wouldn’t matter. 2.46 would still be faster on a low spec machine than 2.47 would.

Not that I’m complaining. Still the fastest 3d tool to open.

well i tried running blender in real time and it still does that, dunno why
i also limited my proces to a bare minimal so that my system still can function, disabled indexing services, (my computer isnt connected to internet) and a few other things
still slow… nothing changed…

I saw somewhere on the blender website that sometimes windows XP might require and upgrade ( They provided a link but I cant remember the name… the name of the upgrade ended in c++). do you think this upgrade might have anything to do with the speed?

I second that…although…my hardware is no way near to urs…I m on P3:D…windows xp sp3…Blender 2.45 worked fine…but with recent versions the selections seem to be a real pain…as the number of vertices increases, there seems to be more and more latency in selecting the vertices…I cannot select the vertices with the same speed…

i have just tried running 2.45… works perfectly fine with 30k faces… doesnt slow down at all… the 2.47 slows down with just like 100… so it is something with the blender build itself i gues