Why is Blender Artists The only site that works right now?

Hey all, blender artists is currently the only site I can find at the moment that is working, google, facebook, yahoo and many others just tell me that internet explorer can’t display this webpage. And even BA is really slow at loading, am I the only one experiancing problems like this? It even logged me out when I was first trying to post this?

I am afraid you are all alone there…

It might be your internet connection, if you have a cable connection try…

-resetting the connection
-tightening the cable plugs in the case any are loose
-loosening the cables themselves to make sure they’re not being pinched

If those don’t work you might need to call your cable company.

Oh cd/ad you are funny! If it were me I would call NASA and raise a fuss! Maybe short of that I might try a ping, that might let me know if it were on my end of things eh?

@Inferno - hmm, that happens to me sometimes, though maybe not as extreme… usually clears up within an hour though :yes:

have you tried loading the pages in another browser, like Firefox or Chrome?

Yeah, sometimes happens to me too. I can perfectly well browser BA, but nothing else. When this happens I usually switch off my PC and modem, come at a later time to find it working again. No idea what the cause is.

Thanks for the suggestions guys, I think it must have been my servise provider, because it cleared up after a few hours. So I just occupied myself with other stuff. Thanks for helping. I was just wondering if it was just a really huge and really amazing crash on Google, Yahoo, and a bunch of other big sites. I wonder way BA worked though :confused: