Why is blender so awsome?

Hey guys!
Ive got a question.
Why is blender so awesome?
Give as many points as you can! :cool:


it has an orange icon??? is that right?

  1. It’s free.
    This is the number one reason I use it anyway.
  2. It has great artistic potential.
    As you can see on this forum.
  3. It’s always getting better.
    Saint-like coders donate their talents for Blender’s awesomeness.

The fact that it is lacking in some aspects makes the artist use more of his raw artistic creativity to create the desired result, instead of depending on lots of modifiers and plugins and other nearly ready-made stuff.

Its extremely fast at poly by poly modelling.

  • free
  • fast
  • customizable
  • great support and development
  • sculpt mode
  • composer
  • sequencer

-great game engine
-open GL
-logic bricks.

it has the best gui
very logical and intuitive

It cuts my grass and does the dishes too!

  1. The community
    2, The developers

Blender is not awesome , but is very good.

I like it because , it pack such a wealth of useful features that I came to love in other software. Sculpting from zbrush,very good node system from XSI, very mature polygon tools from 3d studio max , texturing directly on models from Zbrush and Bodypaint, and of course a wealth of other feature that surpass by very far other packages,

An example is the excellent Unwrap feature, it amazingly easy to use and setup and I love it dearly.

Then there are the feature that I have not the chance to use but look extremely impressive, like the video composition tools than once again utilize the extremely useful node system. Another is the excellent python intergrations and of course the very original Game engine.

What I love about blender is generally that it puts the user first, that your voice is heard and echoed inside the community . The developers are not isolated and deeply care about the product.

There times that Blender really pisses me off, but in the world that old and boring Autodesk rules , its refreshing to use a product that really cares about your needs.

Quoted for agreement.

1.open source, so it can be rebuilt to your satisfaction legally
2.the game engine, even though it still needs a little bit more speediousness
3.the node editor, cause with that at yer side, you can do nearly anything
4.the blenderartists community, cause its good to get a human response, not look up the huge help section
5.all the other awesomeness that i have failed to mention.

It’s fun.

I use Max because I have to and I hate its interface, but Blender brought fun back to 3D. :smiley: