why is blender so slow on my comp.?

Can someone kindly explain to me why blender is so slow?I just got a band new computer but its like its a '95 comp. my old comp worked better than this .

Graphics:ATI Radion Xpress

CPU:P’D prosessor

In what way is it slow? modeling? rendering? your reply is very vague…

It might be your graphic card if it’s slow modeling wise - I know for some reason blender would always lag up whenever i added a background image to work from, leaving me to use another modeler :rolleyes:

Are your drivers all installed, all service packs downloaded ./installed? bla bla

I mean slow by clicking on the file menu and waiting for evr for the drop down menu to show.Basicly evrthing is slow.It like I got a really old computer.


If you look at some of the web sites for Blender, they mention ATI cards and opengl. I can’t remember exactly what they said but it was something like;

if you have an ATI card you may need to put the ATIOGLXX.DLL driver in your blender folder, it could speed up processing.

Also isn’t the xpress the equivalent of an onboard graphics card? In other words, very slow or limited.

OK…how do I do that?

Problem solved.Thanks guys

note to self
Add better support for ATI cards in the blender 2.25 wishlist.

oh no! its acting up again…!


This works! (this isn’t the link I posted before).