Why is Blender starting up so fast?

Why? Maya uses half a minute to startup, and blender takes two seconds. Thats great, but would blender be faster if it would take some more time to load? Seems kinda strange for me…

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blender just has less cacheing to do I guess. :slight_smile:

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It’s because blender is written mostly in C/C++, while maya makes heavy use of MEL internally (which both adds to startup times and causes maya to use way more memory).

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I’m assuming that you think since blender load in less then 5 seconds that it not loading everything at startup? Is there something you have to wait for once it has loaded (besides rendering and simulations)?

If this is a sarcastic posting I’m sorry I broke my sarcasm meter on a previous post.

Blender also doesn’t have some of the massive libraries Maya or some other 3D Apps have, which is both a good and bad thing. Materials, meshes and other stuff aren’t held within the program so it loads super quick, but that means you have to go searching for stuff elsewhere. Luckily blender files aren’t big and pretty easy to save and pull stuff from.

Yes, I agree that Blender starts too fast! It also is too small of a download file…devs you really need to increase the loading times, and the size of the download…while you are at it…slow down raytracing and increase rendering time…then you will have a product that can truly compete with the commercial apps.


That’s somewhat irrelevant. Even if Blender shipped with fast amount of premade stuff, it wouldn’t load slower, even if it has to open all those files to get a list of available models/materials/whatever because of the way the Blender file format is made.


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“blink your eye” could be the motto, as skype has “take a deep breath” and then it’s done loading.
one thing that goes away to quick is the image for each release, it could have a 400ms fade away.

I don’t think blender would be faster if took more time to load, I have loaded the same model in both blender and maya, and with me maya works it slower

Yep Blender is lightning fast when starting up and loading/saving.

Maya tends to slow down the more plug-ins and modules you load. Plus it has a habit of of slowing down over time on a project. Sometimes deleting your prefs fixes this problem.

My main guess is the modules. Applications like 3dsMax and Maya have quite a lot of plugins to load when they start. Have you ever seen the plugin list in 3dsmax or Maya? its huge. Also take a look at the dll folders for both these apps. XSi, and even Houdini are the same. Blender isn’t built that way. Someone had actually went through the trouble of modularizing Blender (I think it was called modblender) and just like Maya it would take longer to load on startup due to it loading modules and dlls to run. Blender for the most part is statically linked depending on the library and every functionality is compiled right into the application not into separate dlls. .Its one of the reason why you can just unzip blender and run it without having to install it the way you would Maya/XSI/Max/Houdini/most other software.

Either way I’m ecstatic about better scripting and UI customization, but could the wider use of Python in the 2.5 code cause memory bloat like this? The 2.5 SVN builds seem at least as fast as ever. Is it just that Maya’s code is inefficient/messy?

most impressive thread ever - learned a lot … :wink:

I’d say its also to do with all the external libraries blender doesn’t have, its what also keeps the size of blender down. Rather than include the whole library the devs chop it down to what they need, or so I hear.

I build Blender with dynamic linking for everything and it’s seems just as fast. :wink:

I stopped using other apps, so in many ways it doesn’t matter…at the same time, however, it is also one of the reasons I do not use other apps…I currently can afford a new “package”, but I see no point in it.

Isn’t that a contradiction in terms? Take more time to go faster?