Why is Blender trying to connect to the internet ?

My firewall informs me for the third time that “Blender.exe is trying to connect to the internet” … Why ? All I am doing is running some softbody simulations …

notice how blender runs in to windows, the blender window and they python console? it’s a local client / server set up, not the internet unless you have set up something special like loading models of the internet or something. look what internet site it is trying to contact…i’m betting it starts with C: which means it’s not the internet, it’s your harddrive.

Erm, no . I can understand if the file I was working on had file paths to something on my local drive/network, but it doesn’t … I just got the message again when I was touring a 2.5 build with nothing but the default cube … The only thing the 2.49a file and the 2.5 builds do have in common is an error message in the console (one is for a silly cyclic dependency and the other can’t find a file) … Is there some automatic error reporting function no one informed us about … ?

I think what he’s saying is Blender operates as a client/server app and is most likely just connecting to localhost. I don’t know if this is true or not, but it’s quite common. Many games do this- the Source Engine (Half Life 2, Counter-Strike Source, Left 4 Dead, etc.) for example is one big client/server app even in single player; same with Quake, etc.
I’ve never gotten a warning about it with Blender though.

infected blender.exe file ? … did you compile yourself ( most likely not ) , or where did you get the build ?
I want multiplayer blender ! yay! :smiley:

Because the Evil Overlords at Autodesk ™ are tracking your every move, watching your every step, pretending to give you the freedom of a “competing” 3d product, which in fact has powerful subliminal, mind altering hypnotic commands combined with sophisticated keylogging and identity theft trojans. You won’t need your mind / identity when you become one of our mindless, flesh craving zombies anyway, so why not “open source” them to us first?.

The connection is just updates being downloaded, to be installed into your subconscious as you work. Nothing to worry about.

Sounds like an issue with the build or some of your settings…I am not sure without being there to pick at your computer.

might want to do a complete up - to - date virus scan. Blender might have been infected… afaik, Blender never tries to connect to the internet or other host, unless you are running Verse.

It’s not. It’s just compiled with the “console program” setting.


Problem somewhat solved (I blacklisted Blender from connecting) , though still very odd ,

as stated some virus/adware/spyware might try to connect to the internet trough the discuize/behind the back of one of your most used apps,
witch apparently just happens to be blender, also, malware scripts can be written for blender,
so you might want to check that you’ve got the script links disabled on opening blender & any blend files.

Thanks for clearing that up. I was pretty sure Blender was not set up as client/server (why would it?), but I learn something new everyday so who knows, right?

More than likely, your entire system is infected with a virus. One of those kinds that attaches itself to EXE files. So it does not matter if you compiled it yourself or downloaded the official release.

You can scan for free here if you like…

One less evil cause is if you pressed Save User Defaults whilst using a Blender web browsing script.

ooh good thinking…

I don’t think scripts run when Blender starts, for this very reason so virus and malicious scripts cannot be spread.

you could be right. it appears to be not the helpbrowser scripts.
but it is entirely possible to run scripts during startup.
possibly another script, the materials repo has one & there’s others I’m sure.
I do remember this happening to me sometime back: Blender trying to access the internet.
My thoughts were the same wtf as the op.

Sorry but I forgot to mention the fact that my DSL modem crapped out on me and I got a new/different brand modem/wireless router … I have done all the security scans … cleaned up the registry … etc. and no known virus/bot/worm …

Odd thing is the message tends to occur (I have another laptop with wireless and it started happening with that one too) when Blender is “struggling” to resolve something like cyclic dependecies or calculating simulations (in some cases both) …

My old DSL modem was the one AT&T gave me with my service, and it finally died (as I found out later) by the numerous denial of service bombs to the modem that some assh*le kept throwing at my IP address (the damn thing’s hardware firewall - if it had one - was crap) … And actually come to think of it they almost always occured while I was visting this site … But I spend a lot of time browsing here compared to most other sites, so that doesn’t mean much (it would simply be a flag) …

After this and all the useless ActiveX crap I discovered when scanning will definately make me convert to Linux pretty soon …

Are you sure they were “numerious denial of service boms”? There’s a lot of fluff going on at the average network, you wouldn’t be the first to be mislabeling the fluff as “virus” or dos attack…

Also, there are programs (like virus scanners) that add their own runtime libraries to your system and make these libraries to be used by every program. This will look like program X is executing action Y, but in reality it’s really the library that’s being indirectly used by the program, which is doing its stuff.

After this and all the useless ActiveX crap I discovered when scanning will definately make me convert to Linux pretty soon …

Or you could take a look at “No Script

That is by far, the best way to protect your computer. You should really look into it.