Why is cache bar not erased when I replay animation?


Whenever I preview an animation it seems to cache the animation permanently. Previously there was a yellow cache bar which would be erased whenever I went back to frame 1.

How do I change this?



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What are you animating? Cloth?

i believe it only updates when you change the settings of whatever you caching. and it depends whether it updates after a environment change, like particles and ridged body’s update automatically because it is easy for them to update, but fluids and cloth require a you to manually bake them again. it is hard to tell what your doing without either explaining it or providing a blend file.

on a side note, why would you want it to update every time, it just slows down the animation when it is baking.

I’m having the same issue. The scene has a few objects that are passive and animated - a rotating disc. I changed the rotation rate of the disc, but the animated objects still interact with the disc the way it was previous to the change in rotation. Not sure how to clear the cache. @pipipip04 - did you figure it out?