Why is camera tracking so difficult for me (2)

Just by looking at the preview of he camera and how jumbly it is. I am pretty sure this camera track is another failure but ,I don’t know why. The solution for the camera is under .4. What my main goal is to do in the future is to be able to take footage from real life and have a 3D mesh/character walk, talk and interact with the environment around him. I thought camera tracking might be the key to doing that, but unfortunately it seems that I am doing something wrong here. Any suggestions on what I am doing wrong?

I don;t think my .blend file would be to useful to you because you probably don’t have the footage but just in-case you want to see it, its there.


untitled.blend (937 KB)

It looks as if all of the tracks on the left are on one plane. Blender can’t get a lot of information from that. I don’t know what kind of footage you’re working on, but if you want a good camera solution, you need to track features on different planes. When shooting for tracking, make sure you have some objects in the foreground and track them as well as a couple of distant features. Also, make sure there’s enough camera movement for Blender to ‘see’ the perspective.