Why is everyone so obsessed with Cycles lately?

Better late than never :rofl:


Seems I made a fool of myself :sweat_smile:

A this point it can be asked: is OP even alive?

He last posted in October, so I guess he’s still kicking.

Bart did not bump this thread. A newcomer with shady intentions bumped it and was dealt with accordingly.

He was potentially reviewing flag posts.

nonetheless it’s an interesting topic, it’s that obsession shifted to a real-timesh path tracer ?

Indeed interesting. As I now know it’s a 6 years old thread, I also can’t help noticing how high were expectations on realtime raytracing back then. Ok we’re there now, we have realtime RTGI hardware and games. And so? Is the world turning around this? I’m still making stills and videos as if nothing happened. Game-making didn’t take over the business. Yet it still sounds like realtime “it’s the future”

I am sure that in the - not so near future - hardware and ray-tracing engines will be capable of creating beautiful real time images.
In 40 years time the younger people on this forum will look back at us and say “remember when they had to wait for the image! Ha ha ha"

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It was actually bumped by a comment that was moderated, and then I saw it and thought I should move it, but I hadn’t seen it was this old :person_shrugging:


I am experiencing things like that with the content of my fridge.


I guess though, we can say that the premise of this thread didn’t exactly age as gracefully as the OP would’ve hoped. Sure we have Eevee now and the coming Vulkan rewrite, but Nvidia Optix and other recent developments has actually come close to making Cycles that realtime rendering solution (which will only be more impressive when it has Path Guiding, MNEE, Multi-light sampling, and adaptive sampling all working together).

“They had to use their hands? That’s like a baby toy!”

They will probably be able to sculpt WITH their hands.

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They’ll probably have to sculpt with their hands (again). Don’t bet on history carry on that linear …

Replying to this years later. Mind changed. I’m all about renders now that things have sped up.

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Hey, I’m talking to you from the future right now.

You might want to stock up on toilet paper. Just sayin’.