Why is everything selecting with 'A' after separating objects

Hi all.

Simple question. I’m following along with an Udemy modeling course and it seems to work differently for him than me, so I’m curious what is going on.

I am creating a window frame, so I am selecting four connecting quads from the window opening to build out from. I hit ‘P’ to separate the quads I would to build the window frame with, so it is a new object.

I am making sure the right object is selected in the outliner, and pressing A to select the new four quads, but it selects all my objects not just the object that is selected in the outliner. It seems to select everything where visibility is set to on. In the video he hits A and it just selects his four quads.

I would leave a comment on Udemy but it seems a bit mess how it works in the comments.

Any ideas. I am new to Blender so all a good learning curve.



After you have separated your selection into a new object: go back to Object Mode, unselect everything, select your new object, go to Edit Mode. Now you can select the four quads with A.

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Thanks, it works that way.

Seems a bit long winded but I’m sure there is some logic to it that I’m completely unaware of!!