Why is florecent type light source not one of the defaults?

A question which has accrued to me that seams like a no brainier. In blender we are given 5 specific types of lamps, but one of the most common and widely used types of lamps seams to be ignored by just about every renderer out there, the lap type for the Florescent light or other similar type light emitting lamps. Instead you have to fiddle with renders and materials and find workaround to accomplish the effect. Why wasn’t this lamp type not included with the lamp sets. Seams like a major oversight to me. he type of light source is everywhere in the real world and used frequently in everything. I have a florescent light bar in my garage right behind my desk. It just boggles my mind that its not available to me as a lamp type.

I am a noob and trying to hunt through the internet to find a work around that works for my situation is a major headache and prone to multiple instances of failure which just adds a major level of frustration to a project and completely stalles the creative process.

you have IES lamps now
so find yourself a Neon fixture with the proper IES curves
then you can use IES lamp in blender to get real light from a fluo

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The differences between the standard CG light types are a bit more fundamental than that. You have point/sphere sources, (point lights) point/sphere sources with a limited angle (spot lights), lights with parallel rays at an infinite distance (sun/distant lights), and local lights with a finite area (area lights). There’s also infinite lights from all directions(skydome) but in Blender that is from the world panel rather than being a “skydome” lamp object. It’s a skydome-lamp in some other software though, but I digress.

A florescent tube is just a cylindrical area light. While Blender/Cycles does not have a cylinder primitive for the area light, many other 3D software does. And there’s no particular reason why Cycles couldn’t have one, just no one has gotten around to coding one. Mesh lights can be used to give area lights of arbitrary shapes. The ability to have arbitrary shapes leads to some less optimized sampling, however.

Once you have a cylindrical area light you just need to define color, and possibly throw pattern (ex, with an IES profile). And there’s your physically based florescent tube light. Spectral renderers can even use a real spectral power distribution for the color, so you get that gross color rendering so infamous of cheap florescent lights.


Not sure what IES is or where to find it in blender.

At the moment I am not using the cycles render, but the basic blender renderer.

Blender Render is being removed in v2.8, I’d recommend against spending any further time learning it. (the toolset is not broadly applicable to any other modern renderer either). You won’t find IES with it, because it does not support IES profiles.

If performance is an issue with Cycles, just use the 2.80 betas and get going with Eevee.

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IES lights profile are some presets that you can find on the internet and load into cycles to match real world lights ex : https://leomoon.com/downloads/plugins/ies-lights-pack/

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I tried switching to cycles and I have encountered a new problem. I have a number of files (components) which all use the same set of materials referenced from a seperate file. I use this reference file so materials remain consistent amongst the parts and to save time. But in cycles the nodes do not appear to be linked or retained. So when I link to the material in the reference file, I get nothing really. A blank material, none of the nods are with the material so the part isn’t taking on any of the properties thats supposed to go with the material.

IES is available in the latest built only for 2.79 and in 2.8

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Ok figure dout this one. Was a problem with texture mapping and not having an input node.

On the advice of some of the people avove, I have downloaded the beta of v2.8 and giving the eevee renderer a go. So far I am liking it. Its not killing my machine and providing the results im looking for without any noise. Noise was a big issue I kept running into with cycles as my scenes are all indoors with no outside light sources at all. (Inside the hallway of a starship with no windows or example).

I am also loving the new UI.