Why is instagram popular?

I hate this thing.

You can’t post links. You have to direct people to look at the one link location in your profile.

The website sucks and is very buggy.

I just watched one where it’s telling me to rotate my phone and then pause and take screenshots because of the restrictions on aspect ratios and inability to link to other websites.

People with high quality content (not talking about myself) struggle to get more than 10 likes while other profiles that appear to be much newer, with much fewer followers, that don’t use hashtags, and contain near zero good looking pictures, they average 100+ likes. WTF?

I guess Behance would be much more suitable for what you need. Instagram isn’t really for artists unless you’re ready to conform to the way it works. :slight_smile:

what is “the way it works”.

I think ANY platform that lets you post a link in your descriptions and comments would be more suitable for most people.

Instagram is great for artists, I’m not sure where you’re coming from here. There are many professional artists who have built up massive followings and make monthly income from Instagram. Currently, Instagram is waning in overall usage as younger audiences move towards TikTok, but it’s still a valuable arrow in a social media quiver

Instagram is my social media of choice at the moment. For artistic work what I like most is that in stories comments about your work, and number of likes are private. Rids of anxiety about everybody mocking my work. They won’t do it, and if they’ll do it will be in private at least :slight_smile: You can also control visibility of likes on posts, who can comment and such


For animations, would you post separately to youtube and instagram, etc… or, post to one and paste a link into the others?


Instagram isn’t kind to animations- it has pretty extreme compression that just destroys the quality. However, I do post videos directly to Instagram sometimes. I don’t really upload to YouTube but if I did, I would post upload directly there as well :slight_smile:

Why is it popular? Because the popular kids use it, I guess. I avoid it like the plague because I consider it a toxic cesspool with way too much emphasis on appearance and performative behaviour; it feels thoroughly fake to me. For art in specific (where it is less toxic than in other areas) I still much prefer dedicated art sites. Also, it’s owned by Facebook (“Meta” as it styles itself now, :snrk:), which is privacy-violating hot garbage, creates the worst software for social interaction ever, and ruins everything it touches.

I mean, if you feel you must have a “social media quiver” (at least that made me laugh while being grumpy) to advertise yourself far and wide I guess maintaining an account there is just one of those things to do, but I am not so sure how successful such wide-spread, uh, quivering really is. Especially if you hate the site. Maybe if you could automate posting there and point people to the site where you make your actual online home? But Instagram makes that difficult (for a reason, of course; they don’t exist to make your life better).


While posting on Instagram you do reach only people registered on Instagram…
I haven’t seen any public viewable Instagram account yet… except of the gallery view…

  1. single image → Log in to view posts from…
  2. message → Log in to view posts from…
  3. scrolling-> Log in to view posts from… but continuable

But for 1. surprisingly i can open it in another tab… and for example could read something like:

jhansen_art Wrote a blog post about four different ways to make cel/toon shaders in #blender3d , link in bio :slight_smile:

But of course i can’t see what this blog post might be… ← but in this case i know it because it was mentioned on a toonshading thread here on BA… and it is also somewhere else (the old website??):wink:

So that’s it… if you wanna “share”, publish, “get noticed” then you may also just put some links into the profile and also answer the comments… acccording to:

yeah i also ask myself this question… someone has to just do use to know it…
(up to giving up privacy/ data even if registering with other email… maybe not if using a cookie cleaner or whatever if you don’t have to use any phone numeber… but that’s another story)

And if you reach for fame then produce for the algorithm… → every next big thing/topic…
So maybe like in remembrance to something said about a specific celebrity:

Instagram is so popular… because it is… so popular…

Someone could ask this question also for WhatsApp… and … ohh wait… :thinking:… it’s all the same coorporation…


This is an unanswerable question… :wink: