Why is it doing this?!

Im all outa buttons to press…

I can see the plane, thats meant to be transparent >.O

is there a .blend?

Erh, how do I make sure it keeps the texture?

pack them, press the present butten for the textures you want to keep (in the uv window)

Im not using the UV window. I dont think. Im loading them in the texture slots, under image. I tried pack all external data and that didnt work.

Okay, I went to the uv window, and selected the textures and packed them… and that still didnt work.

try this instead:

Okay I just zipped it up with the images. you`ll have to reload them in the texture window.


Yea, I did try pressing that button too… If I can get something wrong, I will

you sure you packed it, mine says there are no files to extract?

facepalm okay, I`ll upload the images, using a host… then, upload the blend as an attachment.

Its not my day today.

ohh i know, simple problam!
in the sss for the leaf material turn the spec all the way down.

YAY… that fixed it. Thanks a lot for your help.

one more thing I guess, the leaves, that arent backed by the ground texture, seem slightly transparent. I know Ive messed about with a lot of settings all over the place, I should probably start from scratch.

I think perhaps I should add another texture layer with a true b/w alpha. that would perhaps stop the transparency.

here is a tutorial, i dont think you need the b/w thing:

Oooh thanks, thats a much simpler way of doing things… thanks for the help.