Why is it so wrong to have tris in our mesh

i see alot of these threads that’re being posted and ppl ar complaining about tris for some reason and i want to know y is it so wrong does it interfere with something in the mesh… or what? answers are Greatly Appreciated

I’m not an expert on this, but I do know that blender was built to work with quads, not triangles. For example, try subsurfing something with triangles in it. It gets icky. My first model was 100% triangles and it was unrecognisable. My second model, for the game engine, was mostly triangles, and for some reason crashed the game engine (don’t know if triangles were the problem or not).

When you animate a Mesh, even just to pose a character for stills, triangles tend to either Stretch or Pinch (when they are adjacent to quads). The reason is that a tri, having only three verts has a Planar face no matter how, or which way you bend it. A Quad on the other hand is two contiguous tri’s and when you bend it, it curves uniformly along the joint between the two tri’s. If it bends perpendicular to the join you can Rotate the edge (joint) with Ctrl-E to maintain a uniform curvature.


but i dont use BGE and of course i wont make all of my mesh into tris and ive seen wat tris do, ever used the decimator? but even tho i dont want it all produced of quads

I suppose it depends on what you use the model for. In the GE, tris are better, because any quad will be converted to tris anyway.

hmm. that seems understandable… what Fligh said: yes that has happened to me sumtimes but its nothing i couldnt fix

thanks fligh! been looking for that reason, too! :smiley:

They also mess with the flow of your edge/face loops and make the loop select tools work different, since they usually cause poles. I wouldn’t say they’re the devil, just make sure you put them where YOU want them, esp. when using subsurf.

There are also times it dosn’t matter, like filling the end of a complex tube where you won’t be using subsurf and would probably just go with an n-gon if you could.

I think Tris are OK if you are doing Non-Subdiv model. But if you are doing Subdiv model… just DONT use them.

when i subsurfed the mesh/model, Everything became quads [ i looked in the places where there were tri’s and now they’re quads]
but im not gonna subdivide in the mean time ill show the pics of this female body im working on in wireframe soon and ill show u wat i mean

                        keep sendin feedback, 

Tris aren’t bad, they are even needed sometimes. Your goal when using Subsurf is to hide them somewhere, or use them on flat surfaces (I think in most cases hiding is better).

Read this
It’s not only about tris, but about subdivision modelling

And some people surely know that once subdivided triangle produce 3 quads, but the middle vertex is shared only by 3 edges.

You should be very careful with tris. It’s not the end of the world to have tris, but be sure it doesn’t hinder you none the less. If you don’t believe, take a box and make all face tris. Then model a room with doors and windows etc. Yep, tris prevents nice cutting.