Why is my 3D Print Toolbox not showing up?

I’m new to Blender. I have Blender 2.81

I went to Edit->Preferences and checked 3D-Print Toolbox. I do not see a tab to actually use the 3D Print Toolbox.

What am I doing wrong? Why isn’t the tab showing in the UI?

Thanks for any help, Alan

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I’m not new at all… same problem.
I have activated the addon from preferences and nothing happens.
Using 2.91.0.
I have not used the addon recently, not for a couple years maybe. It is now a packaged addon.
I see no error message but the menus are not available on the side panel or with the command search.

Maybe an old installation of the addon, carrying through, is messing this up?
Something else?

EDIT : I had “Filter addons” turned on in my workspace…

You do have an object selected in the viewport, correct?
It will show up only with an object selected…and it is under its own tab…

ty everything works fine, I had forgotten that I was filtering out addons in the workspace, as I corrected in my post above, there is no fault.
Filtering addons keeps the menus to the minimum that you use in any workspace and is efficient… until you forget you were applying a filter and wonder why you addon doesn’t show… :grinning:

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