Why is my Color Gradient only showing Greyscale?

Just when I think I have Blender figured out something makes me feel dumb again!

Check out the attached image/blend file… why is my gradient texture, which is supposed to be yellow/purple, coming out greyscale?


gradient-tex.blend1 (2.5 MB)

Your ramp needs to be after the gradient texture.

The way you set it up now makes the ramp influence the gradients coordinates.

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It’s because the output of the gradient texture is gray scale by default. You connected your colorRamp node, which has color, to the normal input of the gradient.

Invert the order of your nodes and it will work. Put the gradient where you have the colorRamp and the colorRamp where you have the gradient.

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Ah, I knew I was having a brain drain moment. Thank you guys!!