Why is my converted curve to mesh not extruding ?

i created a curve, then converted it to a mesh. now want to extrude it, but its not showing me a filled mesh and i have no extrude options with it.

You are working in face mode, and since there are none in the object, extruding options are not visible; try and select vertex or edge instead.


ok thx :slight_smile:

I extruded the edges now, but they are not going up straight, they are tilted to the right.
How do i get them completely straight ?

Other question, can i convert a mesh to a face ?

As for the first question, since there is not any polygon, it can’t extrude along ‘the normal’, so it simply follows the mouse movement; if you hit X, Y or Z while extruding you can make it follow one of the axes.

What do you mean with convert a mesh to a face?
If the mesh consists of edges only, as in your current case, you must ‘fill’ them to make polygons (faces); to make quads you do select a couple of edges facing each other, and hit the F key.

Other methods for filling you can find in the Mesh -> Faces menu.


ok i c, thx. I also figured that on extrude i have the left hand side “Vector” settings coming up for fresh extruded :slight_smile: