why is my framerate so slow?

hi all,
this is my first wip and i havent added so much to it and the framerate looks rediculous,i have no freaking clue why it is happening,here it is the video demo(note that only in the end of the video the stats will be shown!

any C&C is greatly appreciated!

You should use the Framerate and Profiler to see where the game’s chugging, and start lopping things off. From the look of it, if the game has just started going that slowly, you have a Python script that isn’t working (it’s causing errors). Look at the console for any errors, and rectify them.

nops no errors ,i just have edited the mouselook script and took off the Updown sensor and thats all and also removed the center cursor function but i get no errors…i have lots of logic bricks setup i mean ALOT could it be the reason?

Well, if you enable ‘View Framerate and Profiler’, you’ll be able to see where the CPU drain is (on performing game logic, or drawing, etc). You should check it out - without it, it’s very hard to diagnose the problem.

i think its prolly the ground(landscape) it takes up ~25 fps,i removed it and added a plane to see how it would behave and then for my surprise the framerate went up to 30 which is a reasonable value…im going to try to reduce the poly counts and see what happens :smiley: but thx for ur support man :smiley:
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oh yeah,i reduced the landscape polygons and now it s a lot better than it was,i mean its not at 30 fps but its fast and no more pauses while moving the character ,so i feel ok now,or u think that it should be at 30 fps? any input here is greatly appreciated and will be taken seriously…

What does the Profiler say? Post a screenshot.

By “stats” you mean the “nano” white characters in the top let? What a joke!
If you disable dynamic shadows, or GLSL, or reduce drastically the poly count, or all, you’ll get a steady 60 FPS!

Oto-Lol no, status i meant,the profile thingy when u enable the display framerate and profile,i didnt get what u said,u telling me to take all the cool features off just for the fps saving?u kiddin me? no way id much rather have a game running a bit slower but with cool graphics than having a good framerate but crappy graphics,its just my opnion and how i see things,besides the fact that i love atari s games and low res games too but i prefer having reasonable graphics as im not a high lvl texturer yet,and the only dynamic shadows i use is the characters spot light above his head and the rest of it is just a baked raytrace shadows image…but any c&C is always welcome,ill be looking forward for more C&C…
SolarLune- better than a screenshot is a video so here it is :

any suggestion is greatly appreciated:spin:,

It looks like Logic and Rasterizer are what’s hurting your FPS, mostly. Do you have many objects running logic every game frame, like, say, those flags? See if you can make them work by sensor input like collision (not a near or radar sensor - I believe those eat up framerate).

EDIT: As for the rasterizer, how large is your shadow buffer size? It may be the problem. Try sizing it down a bit. Perhaps you should disable it outright to see how much better the FPS is - perhaps your computer can’t handle GLSL.

Hi SolarLune thx for ur suggestions im going to check those and see what i can do,and yeah ive got an enormous amount of logic brick and all filling up to 5 layers…ill see what i can do for the near sensors…thanx again

ok a few tweaks here and there now the game seems to be running slightly faster,but the numbers look almost the same ,id say it increased by 3 points the framerate but it feels like its running at 30 fps so its hard to judge…

Odd. What does the profiler say on a blank scene, like the default Cube one?

60fps,i reduced the poly count of the landscape to 2623 vertices and now i get 16 fps,the old version had 14957 vertices,i think now its fine ,dont u think too?

That is good, though most computers should be able to handle more than 2600 vertices… What are your computer specs?

its a Notebook corei5 4gb ram,video 1.512mb shared mem and 64 mb dedicated(intel media graphics accelerator),HD 128 gb SSD(not a harddisk but a new generation of HDs act like a penddrive so much faster)